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How Frequently Should I Schedule a Septic Inspection?, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
Homeowners should add getting a septic inspection to their routine maintenance to-do list to keep their wastewater management in top shape. It’s essential to have a professional perform this task regularly to ensure everything more
3 Signs Your Septic System is Failing, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
The septic system contains an airtight septic tank, which holds wastewater until solids and liquids can separate naturally. The wastewater releases to a drain field where it continues the purification process as it melts into the earth. more
Oxoboxo River, CT Septic Tank Businesses
P & H Septic Service LLC, Septic Tank Cleaning, Septic Tank, Septic Systems, Uncasville, Connecticut
410 Maple Ave
Uncasville, CT 06353
(860) 848-8507
Locals throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island depend on P & H Construction and Septic Service in Uncasville, CT, for their septic tank and sewer needs. As a reliable company owned and operated by certified technicians with...
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How Sewage Professionals Find & Clear Blocked Lines, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
Most plumbing issues can be considered minor inconveniences, but a blocked septic system can quickly become a disaster. To make matters worse, your sewer lines might extend 20 more
What Should I Do If My Septic System Is Backed Up?, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
Septic systems require routine maintenance to ensure they function properly. When you detect an issue, it’s imperative that you schedule a checkup immediately to prevent costly more
What to Know About Septic Tank Sizes, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
If your home runs on a septic system, you should know what size your septic tank is. Whether you’re thinking about replacing it or are installing a new system, selecting the right more
The Difference Between a Clogged Drain & a Full Septic System, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
A clogged drain and a full septic system are common issues. While they both require immediate attention to mitigate plumbing problems, it’s imperative to understand the more
Why A Septic Tank Inspection Is Important, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
Your home’s septic system works hard. To keep the tank functioning properly, homeowners should schedule a septic inspection once every three years. Regular inspections can more
3 Ways a Faulty Septic System Can Affect Your Workers, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
You may not realize that a faulty septic system can affect your employees and your business, but it does. It can lead to health issues and other problems that affect your company's more
5 Steps for Preserving a New Septic System, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
If you recently upgraded or installed a new septic system, you most likely want to extend the life of your investment. There are a few necessary steps to take to keep the more
How a Full Septic Tank Affects Your Health, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
Waste carries harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites that could impact the health of your family. When your septic system is working properly, you will not need to worry more
3 Reasons to Rent a Portable Toilet, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
Whether you’re planning a wedding or are the manager of a construction site, a portable toilet rental will provide a host of benefits for you and those at your site. It’s a smart more
Can Cooking Grease Hurt My Septic Tank?, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
If you’re tasked with cooking at home, you may wonder what to do with leftover grease and fats. These substances can damage septic tanks when they’re dumped down the drain, more
3 Causes of Septic System Damage, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
Over time, all the systems that keep your household up and running will begin to show signs of deterioration. However, septic systems are especially delicate, which makes them more
3 Common Septic System Problems That Occur in Winter, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
When temperatures drop, your home’s septic system is put to the test. The strain of cold weather and snow can cause problems that affect your plumbing and create uncomfortable more
5 Important Septic Maintenance Tips, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
Septic systems are fairly easy to keep up and running. Some simple maintenance and preventative measures can help you keep your tank, and the rest of your system, in optimal more
5 Warning Signs of Septic Tank Issues, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut
Though it is an effective wastewater disposal system that doesn’t need daily care, septic tanks still require occasional service, cleaning, and maintenance from qualified more
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