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Wisconsin Pool and Spa Service

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Wisconsin Pool and Spa Service Businesses
A Pleasure Break Pool & Spas, Swimming Pool Contractors, Pool Renovators, Pool and Spa Service, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
2751 Washington St.
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
(715) 421-5496
Having your own swimming pool brings an incredible array of benefits, increasing the value of your home and beautifying your property, not to mention providing countless fun summer afternoons. In Wisconsin Rapids, A Pleasure Break Pools ...
3 Snow Removal Tips From Wisconsin Rapids’ Pool Professionals, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
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A Pleasure Break Pools & Spas is your one-stop pool shop in Wisconsin Rapids. Specializing in in-ground swimming pool construction and repair, this locally owned and operated com...read more
A Pleasure Break Pools & Spas Can Handle Your Pool’s Snow Removal, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Everyone loves owning a backyard pool during those hot summer months. The backyard parties, the barbecues, the synchronized swimming, it’s always a little wet and wild.Then winter co...read more
Closing Your Pool: A Pleasure Break Pools & Spas Has Your Inground Swimming Pools Covered, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
If inclement weather or your family’s schedule is going to shut down the use of your pool for a season, closing your pool is a necessary step. A Pleasure Break Pools & Spas ...read more
Upgrading Your Pool: A Word From Wisconsin's Top Pool Design Experts, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
If your current pool is starting to lose its luster, this fall might be the perfect time to start planning a makeover. Here to go over the different parts of upgrading your pool are ...read more
Begin Your Water Aerobics Venture With The Pool Design Experts at A Pleasure Break Pools And Spas!, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Exercise can be a love/hate relationship for some people. They love how it makes them look, but they don't always enjoy the process it takes to get there. Are you looking for a way t...read more
​A Stunning Pool Design For Everlasting Staycation, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Why travel miles away when you can enjoy the comforts of a luxury swimming pool in your backyard? Over the years, the concept of staycations have become a hot trend, because not only...read more
Make Your Summer Backyard Party Fun With a Pool From A Pleasure Break Pools & Spas, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
During those long, dreary, cold winter months, all anyone can think about is how much fun they’re going to have come summer. From hikes in local parks to picnics at the beach and b...read more
Create Your Own Family Fun This Summer With Pool Design by A Pleasure Break Pools & Spas, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
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Pool Maintenance Myths Debunked Courtesy of A Pleasure Break Pools & Spas , Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
There’s no two ways about it: pools do require a certain amount of care and maintenance, just like lawns, gardens, and garages. However, many people dismiss the idea of owning or b...read more
Call A Pleasure Break Pools & Spas to Open Your Inground Swimming Pool , Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
With warm weather on the way, call A Pleasure Break Pools & Spas for a pool opening appointment, so you can dive right in the moment the temperature is right. Besides opening poo...read more
In-Ground vs. Above Ground Pools: The Pros & Cons, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
If you're considering, even remotely, the possibility of adding a pool to your property, you've likely already been dealing with the dilemma of an in-ground pool vs. an above ground ...read more