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3 Reasons to Use Professional Drain Cleaning Services, Levelland, Texas
As a homeowner, household maintenance is an important aspect of keeping the plumbing system functioning. While you may be tempted to handle home drain cleaning yourself, it’s better to rely on a professional to tackle these issues to more
6 Items to Never Put Down the Drain, Levelland, Texas
The most common cause behind clogged drains is when homeowners put items down that the pipes aren’t designed to handle. Food particles and household items will get trapped inside the plumbing and block the flow of waste. more
Hockley, TX Plumbing Businesses
Drain Doctor, Water Heaters, Drain Cleaning, Plumbing, Levelland, Texas
402 Avenue M
Levelland, TX 79336
From clearing clogged drains to fixing leaky water heaters, Drain Doctor is the go-to source for fast, reliable, and affordable plumbing repairs and water heater maintenance in Levelland, TX, and the surrounding area. For years, the comp...
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3 Tricks to Keep Hair Out of Your Plumbing, Levelland, Texas
Regular drain cleaning prevents unwanted plumbing clogs. However, if you are like most people, cleaning hair out of the sinks isn't a household chore you look forward to. Make this more
The Do’s & Don’ts of Water Heater Maintenance, Levelland, Texas
Your hot water tank plays a vital role in your home's daily operations. Often situated out of sight and out of mind in the basement or in a closet, it’s easy to forget about it more
3 Reasons Your Shower Won't Stay Hot, Levelland, Texas
There are few things more frustrating than your water running cold right in the middle of a relaxing shower. However, this plumbing problem is pretty common, as many more
3 Reasons a Water Line Might Spring a Leak, Levelland, Texas
Your water line usually runs under the surface of your yard, carrying water to your home and taking used water away. Just like other plumbing, it can be subject to damage. However, more
Do's & Don'ts When Dealing With a Clogged Toilet, Levelland, Texas
A clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems you'll encounter. However, that doesn’t make it any less inconvenient. To manage the problem as efficiently as possible, more
3 Reasons Your Shower May Run Out of Hot Water, Levelland, Texas
A hot shower to start the morning gets the blood pumping and prepares you for the day ahead; a hot shower in the evening loosens the muscles and helps you unwind. But if your hot more
Is a Tank or Tankless Hot Water Heater Right for You?, Levelland, Texas
Replacing your hot water heater before it breaks can help your home conserve energy and prevent you from getting stuck without warm water. When it’s time for an upgrade, many more
4 Reasons Why Your Shower Drain Is Clogging, Levelland, Texas
You turn on the shower and then step away to give it a few moments to heat up. When you return, you notice that the water isn’t draining properly—and the same issue occurs more
4 Items Not to Send Down the Drain, Levelland, Texas
For every action, there is a reaction. And for homeowners who put certain substances down their sink or flush them down the toilet, the reaction is often a clogged drain. While more
3 Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners, Levelland, Texas
When you’re faced with a sink or tub that won’t drain, you might consider using store-bought solutions to correct the problem. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that more
3 Steps to Take After Losing a Ring Down the Drain, Levelland, Texas
There is always a moment of panic when a cherished ring or another piece of small jewelry is lost down a sink drain. Fortunately, with a little plumbing know-how, it may not be lost more
What to Consider Before Buying a New Hot Water Heater, Levelland, Texas
If your hot water heater is over a decade old, it’s likely approaching the end of its life span. To avoid getting caught by surprise with a freezing shower, start your search for an more
4 Steps to Detect a Water Leak, Levelland, Texas
If your most recent water bill was higher than normal, you might have a water leak. You can check for leaky faucets and pipes beneath sinks, but the pipes behind walls are difficult more
3 Tips for Finding Hidden Water Leaks in Your House, Levelland, Texas
Not all water leaks are as obvious as a dripping faucet or rain pouring in from the ceiling. And it is these quieter, hidden leaks that can often cause the most damage, more
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