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All About the Preservation of Historical Stucco, Colerain, Ohio
Stucco is a common exterior plaster used in historical homes, applied over logs, brickwork, or lath and wood framing. The repair of this material can be a complicated, multi-step process. If your house is listed on the National more
The Difficulties & Beautiful Payoff of Historical Preservation, Colerain, Ohio
If you own a home or building in a historical area, you may be limited in which type of restoration or renovation you can do. If the original look must be preserved, hire a professional who specializes in historical preservation. more
Cincinnati, OH Plastering Contractors Businesses
Old World Plastering, Fire & Water Damage Repair, Stucco, Plastering Contractors, Cincinnati, Ohio
If you're looking for an expert plastering craftsman, specialized in ornamental restoration and design, look no further than Old World Plastering in Cincinnati. Combining “old-school quality with today's technology,” the owner, Greg Coli...
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Restoration of Grace United Methodist Church Prophets Hall, Colerain, Ohio
Old World Plastering in Cincinnati, OH had was recently hired for a restoration project for Grace United Methodist Church Prophets Hall. This project required expert more
3 Methods of Preserving Ornamental Plaster , Colerain, Ohio
Ornamental plaster can add a stunning design element to almost any space, but the decoration requires care to keep it looking beautiful for as long as possible. Without proper more
A Basic Guide to Venetian Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
If you’re looking to update your home or another building, the materials you choose will make a huge difference. You want to opt for mediums that will stand the test of time in more
Everything You Should Know About Moisture Intrusion, Colerain, Ohio
Known as moisture intrusion, water’s presence in a building can harm the property in devastating ways. It encourages mold growth and can cause extensive damage to stucco more
A Guide to Sgraffito Ornamental Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
If you’re looking for a distinctive type of decoration for your exterior or interior walls, consider sgraffito. This ornamental plaster effect has a rich history and can more
How to Find the Best Plastering Contractor, Colerain, Ohio
Whether you are installing ornamental plasterwork in your home or having a stucco wall restored, you need a plastering contractor you can trust. The best plastering services will more
The History & Basics of Scagliola, Colerain, Ohio
Although there are countless methods of ornamental design, decking out a room or an entire home in slabs of marble may not be financially viable for everyone. Scagliola, on the more
The History of Ornamental Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
If you enter a historical building and look up, you might see an elegant display of ornamental plaster on or around the ceilings. This is an architectural practice that has more
What Are the Differences Between Stucco & Plaster?, Colerain, Ohio
Whether you’re building a new addition or simply want to refresh the current walls of your home or office, you may be considering the aesthetic and practical appeals of more
3 Reasons Historic Preservation of Old Buildings Is Essential, Colerain, Ohio
In this increasingly high-tech world, the majesty of older buildings can be forgotten in the face of sparkling skyscrapers and other technological marvels. However, many people push more
3 Important Things to Know About Ornamental Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
For centuries, builders and interior decorators relied on ornamental plaster to create unique and beautiful designs inside buildings. These old-world decorating techniques are still more
How Ornamental Plaster Is Preserved, Colerain, Ohio
Ornamental plaster is a substance used to create walls and moldings. A skilled hand can create delicate and intricate detail within this material, and it is often found in 19th and more
Rehabilitation Vs. Restoration: Historic Preservation Specialist Explains the Difference , Colerain, Ohio
Historic buildings are an essential part of a community’s character and backstory. As the owner of a historic property, you likely feel a sense of obligation to preserve as much of more
Plaster Repair Pro Shares Top 3 Problems With Plaster , Colerain, Ohio
Plaster is a popular construction material that's been around for centuries. In fact, the insides of tombs of Egyptian royalty were lined with it. But even a durable& more
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