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3 Reasons to Enlist Plastering Services, Colerain, Ohio
Plaster is a pretty and practical wall finish. Although its roots date back as far as the mid-17th century, it’s still used in modern buildings. A paste-like material composed of water, sand, and lime or gypsum, plaster can be used more
4 Common Types of Ornamental Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
Plaster is a mixture of clay, gypsum, sand, and lime that hardens when exposed to air. Ornamental plaster highlights and creates unique architectural elements to add interest to buildings. Here are four ways to use this more
Louisville, KY Plastering Contractors Businesses
Old World Plastering, Fire & Water Damage Repair, Stucco, Plastering Contractors, Cincinnati, Ohio
If you're looking for an expert plastering craftsman, specialized in ornamental restoration and design, look no further than Old World Plastering in Cincinnati. Combining “old-school quality with today's technology,” the owner, Greg Coli...
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4 Benefits of Stucco for Homes, Colerain, Ohio
Stucco is an exterior home finish comprised mainly of cement, sand, and water, applied over a wire mesh base. It has been used as a building material and artistic medium for more
3 Ways to Preserve Ornamental Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
Whether it’s used for a unique molding or a chandelier accent, ornamental plaster can make a striking addition to a room. The aesthetic effect loses its impact more
3 Tips for Painting New Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
When you have a newly plastered wall or ceiling in your home, some steps need to be taken before you can paint it. For example, the plaster must be properly cured and sealed. more
A Guide to Venetian Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
Venetian plaster was first used in the Roman Empire and continues to add a touch of luxury to homes today. It mimics the look of natural stone and is an application that a select more
5 Ways to Determine the Need for Stucco Restoration, Colerain, Ohio
Stucco is a common material for the exterior of a home, featuring a textured appearance that adds depth to the design. It can last for almost 80 years, so recognizing the need more
Do’s & Don’ts of Old Home Restorations, Colerain, Ohio
Old home restorations are exciting to undertake. Not only does it feel like you’re digging into the past, but you’re also creating an opportunity to bring the structure to life. more
A Brief Guide to the Evolution of Stucco, Colerain, Ohio
Exterior plaster, or what’s more commonly known as stucco, has been used as an architectural feature for centuries. Today, applying stucco to your home or business more
5 Signs of Moisture Intrusion in Your Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
Plaster is a beautiful, long-lasting wall covering, but it is vulnerable to moisture intrusion, which can damage or even destroy the surface. Learning to recognize the signs of more
A Helpful Guide to Ceiling Medallions, Colerain, Ohio
Ceiling medallions are popular ornamental plaster elements found in many homes and historic buildings spanning generations. They’re ideal for accentuating your home’s more
A Brief Guide to Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
You might need plastering services at your home for several reasons, whether you want to maintain existing features or add ornamental design to your property. The material more
A Guide to Classical Columns and Beyond, Colerain, Ohio
Columns have been an architectural feature for centuries, initially serving the functional purpose of supporting ceilings without walls. Today, columns are used less for more
5 Places to Find Ornamental Plaster, Colerain, Ohio
The age-old craft of ornamental plaster is a beautiful design choice. For a long time, this historic medium was part of the decorative styling for many upscale homes. Many more
A Brief Look at the History of Sgraffito, Colerain, Ohio
Among the oldest forms of ornamental design in the world is a fine art known as sgraffito, the Italian term for “scratched.” It refers to the act of subtly scratching more
All About the Preservation of Historical Stucco, Colerain, Ohio
Stucco is a common exterior plaster used in historical homes, applied over logs, brickwork, or lath and wood framing. The repair of this material can be a complicated, more
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