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A Guide to Heaters & Freshwater Tanks, Moraine, Ohio
Fish don’t create their own body heat, so the water temperature in your tank is essential to their health. This may fluctuate with the temperature of your home, particularly during the colder months. Fortunately, tank water heaters will more
3 Types of Cichlids for Your Tank, Moraine, Ohio
When you need a splash of color in your fish tank, cichlids are the perfect solution. These colorful fish can make any aquarium more vibrant, and there are plenty of options when you’re looking to buy some. Know the different types of more
Moraine, OH Pet Stores Businesses
Gerber's Tropical Fish, Pet Food & Supplies, Pet Fish, Pet Stores, Dayton, Ohio
2279 N Moraine Dr
Dayton, OH 45439
(937) 297-0515
With an ever-changing inventory of freshwater fish, saltwater fish and coral, plus fish tanks, aquarium plants, tank supplies and more, Gerber’s Tropical Fish of Dayton, OH is an aquarium enthusiast’s dream. Whether you want to shop for ...
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5 Intervals for Cleaning Your Fish Tank, Moraine, Ohio
One of the most common questions new fish tank owners have is how often they should clean their tanks. Ultimately, there is no set standard, and frequency varies based on factors more
How to Introduce New Fish to an Aquarium, Moraine, Ohio
For most people, moving into a new house is a major transition that takes some getting used to—and fish feel the same way. Therefore, before you introduce a new fish to your tank, more
3 Algae-Eating Freshwater Fish, Moraine, Ohio
Algae buildup is an inevitable part of a freshwater fish tank. These slimy deposits can taint the water and other aspects of the tiny ecosystem. Rather than constantly cleaning, you more
4 FAQ About Buying a Shark for Your Aquarium, Moraine, Ohio
No matter how much you've developed your aquarium, shark ownership may sound intimidating to you. Nevertheless, a shark is often an intriguing and unique addition to your fish tank. more
The Importance of Water Testing Aquariums, Moraine, Ohio
Keeping aquariums requires a significant amount of care, but the colorful life that flourishes as a result is well worth the effort. To keep your fish and other aquatic life more
The Do’s & Don’ts of Starting a Seahorse Herd, Moraine, Ohio
Thanks to the advancements in aquarium technology, raising a herd of seahorses in your home is easier than ever. While it still takes lots of care and patience, raising more
FAQs About Caring for Shark Eggs in an Aquarium, Moraine, Ohio
While many shark species give birth to live young, others lay eggs like other fish. If you intend to purchase shark eggs for use in your aquarium, you are doing yourself and the more
How to Set Up a Reef Tank, Moraine, Ohio
Decorated with coral and saltwater fish, reef tanks can be some of the most visually-interesting aquariums to maintain. But while they are incredibly rewarding, reef tanks can be more
The Basics of Setting up a Saltwater Fish Tank , Moraine, Ohio
To maintain a saltwater environment where angelfish, goby, and other vibrant fish can thrive, you need to properly set up your tank. Before you even purchase live rock or a water more
The Differences Between Freshwater & Saltwater Fish Tanks, Moraine, Ohio
If you’re just dipping your toe into the world of fish ownership for the first time, it’s important to know some basics about the tanks used to house the beautiful creatures. more
5 Cool Tools for Cleaning a Dirty Reef Tank, Moraine, Ohio
From vibrant coral to multi-colored fish, a well-maintained saltwater aquarium can be a sight to behold. But as any aquarium owner knows, keeping your reef tank clean takes a more
How to Control Phosphate in a Reef Tank, Moraine, Ohio
When it comes to owning a saltwater aquarium, phosphate plays an important role in growing and maintaining the coral life in your reef tank. According to the experts at Gerber's more
5 Algae Control Tips for Reef Aquariums, Moraine, Ohio
To maintain a healthy reef aquarium, algae control is essential. If you aren't careful, aquatic flora can clog your reef tank's water and endanger your fish and coral, but with more
5 Things to Avoid When Starting a Reef Tank, Moraine, Ohio
Are you excited to start your new reef tank this summer? Before diving in, there are a few things you need to know. Gerber's Tropical Fish is Cincinnati, OH’s premier more
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