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Parkway - Wheelers Farm Road, CT Pet Boarding and Sitting

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3 Ways to Foster Safe Interaction Between Your Children & Dog, Milford, Connecticut
In some instances, puppies and children may not get along right away. As a parent and a pet owner, you’re probably eager to find ways to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between them. From dog training to simple discussions, more
3 Tips to Curb Your Dog’s Barking Habit, Milford, Connecticut
Having a dog promotes feelings of love, happiness, and companionship. However, even the most well-behaved dog can bark too much. If you aren’t sure how to train your dog to give up this habit and need relief from the incessant yipping, more
Parkway - Wheelers Farm Road, CT Pet Boarding and Sitting Businesses
K-9 Communication LLC, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Pet Day Care, Dog Training, Milford, Connecticut
(203) 874-­7299
K-9 Communication of Milford, CT, specializes in obedience and problem solving for dogs of all ages and breeds. Registered Master Dog Trainer Constantine "Gus" Marnel has nearly 50 years of dog training experience, applying proven a...
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4 Reasons to Train Your Dog for Protection, Milford, Connecticut
Dogs are loyal companions and, for many pet owners, beloved members of the family. However, for tens of thousands of years, they’ve also been our protectors, driving away predators more
How to Help Puppies Become People-Friendly, Milford, Connecticut
Puppy training needs to be done immediately once they’re home. If neglected, they will persist in bad habits. A people-friendly puppy will be comfortable and relaxed around more
Why Shock Collars Are Ineffective for Dog Training, Milford, Connecticut
Dog training is an extensive process that requires patience and commitment. Every pet owner has different philosophies and methods when it comes to training. One such training more
How the Behavior of Your Dog Changes Through Its Life, Milford, Connecticut
From their energetic days as a puppy to their more laid-back older years, dogs go through a lot of changes as they age. You may also notice changes in your dog’s behavior as they more
How to Choose the Right Dog Breed, Milford, Connecticut
The right dog differs with each household. While you should always meet the dog before making a decision, you can tell a lot about their personalities and care needs based more
4 Tips for Taking Your Dog to Work, Milford, Connecticut
Many offices allow employees to bring their dog with them to work, creating a fun and comfortable environment. If you want a smooth transition for your dog into the workplace, prior more
3 Ways to Get Your Dog to Come Back When You Call, Milford, Connecticut
If you’ve ever tried calling for your dog while they merrily ignore you, you’ll appreciate how important it is to train them to come to you when you call. Teaching them to more
4 Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors, Milford, Connecticut
While the age and breed of your dog will determine specifically how much of a workout they need, all dogs need exercise every day. However, for dog owners with busy schedules more
3 Dog Training Tips For Your Rescue Adoption, Milford, Connecticut
Adopting from a shelter or pet rescue center is a way to give a dog a new lease on life — but ensuring that these animals are properly trained can sometimes be a challenge. Due more
3 Tips on Soothing Your Dog During a Thunderstorm, Milford, Connecticut
While humans may find thunderstorms a majestic display of mother nature, dogs have quite a different perspective. Many dogs are terrified during thunderstorms, which can be more
A Guide to Reading Your Dog’s Body Language, Milford, Connecticut
Every dog owner wishes they could communicate with their pet. Today, animal experts and dog trainers are able to interpret canine body language. It’s important to understand more
4 Commands You Should Teach Your New Puppy, Milford, Connecticut
If you recently got a new pup, you’ll need to put in time and energy into puppy training. There are some important commands that every dog should know. If you start training more
How to Prevent Your Dog From Biting People, Milford, Connecticut
I Would Put Biting In Two Groups Puppies 8 weeks through just about one year One year through an adult. Puppies biting is normal, nothing having to do with abuse, more
3 Signs Your Dog Needs Obedience Training, Milford, Connecticut
Dogs are usually loving and fun to spend time around. However, if your pet doesn’t listen to you or is stressful to handle, it may be a different story. If you’re struggling to more
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