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Kalapaki Ahupua`a, HI Exterior Painting

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5 Ways to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal, Lihue, Hawaii
The outward appearance of a home should be a priority for any homeowner to instill a sense of pride, welcome guests, and increase the overall value of your property. But renovation projects may seem like too large an expense. From e...read more
4 FAQ About Roof Coating, Lihue, Hawaii
Your roof is integral to protecting your home from the elements, and over time, it endures an immense amount of wear. This not only weakens the surface, but can also interfere with your home climate. The staff at JD Painting & D...read more
Kalapaki Ahupua`a, HI Exterior Painting Businesses
JD Painting & Decorating, Inc. , Remodeling Contractors, Exterior Painting, Painting Contractors, Lihue, Hawaii
1884 Haleukana St.
Lihue, HI 96766
Operating since 1988, JD Painting & Decorating, Inc. has locations throughout Hawaii including operations in Oahu, Maui and Kauai. What began as a company with a simple philosophy of dedication to customer service and providing excel...
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The right paint colors can make your hotel seem more desirable and attract potential guests. However, fresh paint does more than make your hotel look appealing. It also protects wood...read more
How to Choose a Fresh Color for Exterior Painting, Lihue, Hawaii
If you have an exterior painting project in mind, the shade you choose affects more than just your landscape. While indoor painting gives you complete control, if your home’s exterio...read more
3 Benefits of Commercial Waterproof Roof Coating, Lihue, Hawaii
As a business owner, you are responsible for all the goods inside your building, as well as the structure itself. Keep your storefront looking like new by investing in a few improvem...read more
The 5 B’s to Consider Before Tackling an Office Renovation, Lihue, Hawaii
The ideal office might look different to each business, but there are some common factors that every company should consider when jumping into an office renovation. JD Painting &...read more
4 Common Projects for Concrete Restoration, Lihue, Hawaii
Concrete remains a popular construction material thanks to its incredible durability, flexibility, fire resistance, eco-friendliness, and many surface finish options. Despite th...read more
4 Advantages of Roof Coatings, Lihue, Hawaii
Roofing shields your home from the elements, acting as a vital source of protection. If you want to prolong its life span, applying a roof coating is an excellent choice. T...read more
3 Tips for Preparing a Room for Indoor Painting, Lihue, Hawaii
A fresh coat of paint can transform your home from drab to dazzling, but only if the job is done correctly. Drips, dents, and damaged belongings can be frustrating to deal with, whic...read more
4 Ways to Select the Right Color for Indoor Painting Projects, Lihue, Hawaii
Whether you’re putting your property on the market or just want to spruce up your existing interior design, a fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to transform a space. With ...read more
3 Wallcoverings & Their Best Uses for Home Decorating, Lihue, Hawaii
Homes with bare walls can get an instant boost with elegant wallcoverings. Based in Lihue and Wailuku, HI, JD Painting & Decorating has become known as the ar...read more
Which Products to Choose for Different Exterior Painting Jobs, Lihue, Hawaii
There are two types of paint used in exterior painting: oil-based and latex. Both are durable and water-resistant, but there are various factors to consider when choosing betwee...read more
How Roof Coating Works & Why It's Essential for Buildings in Hawaii, Lihue, Hawaii
Everyone who owns a building wants to maximize the longevity of their structure, and a roof coating is an excellent way to do it. It will reduce the need for costly repairs...read more
3 Benefits of Exterior Painting for Your Business, Lihue, Hawaii
When it comes to your business, there’s nothing more important than a first impression. The exterior of your building needs to attract potential customers and show everyone that you ...read more
Exterior Painting Pros: Signs It’s Time To Repaint Your Business, Lihue, Hawaii
First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to operating a business, which is why the professionals from JD Painting & Decorating specialize in exterior painting s...read more
How Hawaii’s Leading Painting Contractor Can Help With 2017 Renovations, Lihue, Hawaii
How often have you told yourself that you’ll try something new or make an improvement with each new year? This year, JD Painting & Decorating wants you to include your home or bu...read more
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