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3 Types of Welding You Should Know About, Anchorage, Alaska
Welding is the process of affixing metal pieces together, typically using electricity and extreme heat to melt the metal before hammering the pieces together. It’s used in a variety of applications, including industrial and commercial more
A Brief Guide to Welding, Anchorage, Alaska
From construction to art to factory production, welding is a crucial task in many industries. Performing it correctly requires specialized knowledge and experience. Even if you’re not an expert, it’s worth learning about the more
Anchorage, AK Machine Shops Businesses
Superior Machine & Welding, Fabrication, Welding, Machine Shops, Anchorage, Alaska
1745 Ship Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 278-3944
Since 1950, Superior Machine & Welding has contributed to Alaska’s industrial growth by offering first-rate custom fabrication services out of their Anchorage facility. Serving manufacturing, military, and government customers, as we...
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3 Benefits of Bead Blasting, Anchorage, Alaska
Bead blasting is a technique used to remove surface deposits and imperfections in order to finish various materials, such as metals and plastics. While it’s not the only more
What You Should Know About Metal Fabrication, Anchorage, Alaska
Metal fabrication is the process of creating metal structures by working with the material via a range of techniques. Whether you need to construct a steel building or need a new more
Top 4 Benefits of Spray Coating When Welding, Anchorage, Alaska
Welding professionals rely on a technique known as spray coating to improve the integrity of their products. The process has many advantages, enhancing an item’s strength and more
3 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Welding Company, Anchorage, Alaska
Custom metal fabrication is a complex process that requires an advanced level of knowledge and skill to perform the job safely. When hiring a professional for a project, selecting more
3 Reasons to Choose Sandblasting for Your Next Product, Anchorage, Alaska
Sandblasting is the process of cleaning surfaces at high pressure. Materials used may include glass beads, pumice, and walnut shells, as these abrasive options are ideal for more
5 Raw Materials Needed for Custom Fabrication, Anchorage, Alaska
Custom fabrication is a complex process that requires powerful tools and several raw materials to execute. Done correctly by a welding professional, it results in high-quality more
For What Industries Does a Machine Shop Use Stainless Steel?, Anchorage, Alaska
Stainless steel is used in a wide variety of machine shop welding projects thanks to its variety of available finishes and versatile functionality. To appreciate this more
Types of Services You Can Get From a Machine Shop, Anchorage, Alaska
Machining is an essential element of the manufacturing process. Most metal, wood, and even plastic products you see today are made up of several parts that went through some form of more
4 Characteristics of a Top Precision Machine Shop, Anchorage, Alaska
Businesses in an array of industries rely on machine shops to provide replacement parts, create prototypes, and manufacture detailed products. Choosing the right machine shop can more
What Is Brazing?, Anchorage, Alaska
When you order custom fabrication from your local machine shop, they have several options for putting the pieces together. One of the best options in many situations is brazing. more
4 Fascinating Facts About Welding , Anchorage, Alaska
Much of American architectural history and industrial growth is rooted in the art of welding.The history of this trade goes back many centuries, but it isn’t often celebrated more
Welding vs. Fabrication: What’s the Difference?, Anchorage, Alaska
Metalwork requires specific skills and techniques for each job, and fabrication and welding are the two most common methods. However, according to the staff at Superior Machine & more
Should You Choose Bead or Sandblasting?, Anchorage, Alaska
In the world of machinery and custom fabrication, sandblasting and bead blasting are two of the most effective ways to strip and clean metals. But although they involve similar more
Understanding Bead Blasting, Anchorage, Alaska
Bead blasting is an important part of the custom fabrication process, in which glass beads or other small particles are blasted against a metal surface to clean and condition it. As more
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