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How to Ensure Your Pets Thrive All Summer Long, Lincoln, Nebraska
Summer has a way of tempting us outside. However, as beautiful and welcome as the warm weather may be, it can also pose unique hazards to our pets. Therefore, veterinarians recommend taking certain precautions to protect your more
5 Ways to Keep Fleas Out of Your Home, Lincoln, Nebraska
As a pet owner, you love taking your dogs on long walks and letting them play outside. Unfortunately, while exploring the great outdoors, they can sometimes pick up the occasional flea. These pests are a nuisance, and their bites can more
Lincoln, NE Pet Grooming Businesses
Wachal Pet Health Center, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Pet Grooming, Veterinary Services, Lincoln, Nebraska
201 Capitol Beach Blvd, #10
Lincoln, NE 68528
(402) 477-7877
As four-legged family members, your pets deserve veterinary care from experienced and compassionate animal doctors. Their health and well-being should always be a top priority, and that’s why pet owners in Lincoln, NE, bring their dogs, ...
Ty-D-Paws Express, Pet Services, Pet Grooming, Lincoln, Nebraska
4000 A Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 405-3999
Cat and dog grooming is about more than your pet looking their best; it’s also about the health of your furry friend. At Ty-D-Paws Express in Lincoln, NE, the experienced groomers take pride in keeping your pet’s ears, nails, skin, and c...
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How Do I Fix My Cat's Matted Fur? , Lincoln, Nebraska
While cats generally groom themselves well, their fur may become matted from time to time. This is especially true for long-haired cats. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to more
3 Tips for Living With a Long-Haired Cat, Lincoln, Nebraska
Long-haired cats can be wonderful companions, but they also leave lots of hair-covered furniture and clothing in their wake. Regular cat grooming and a few simple daily shifts can more
What to Know About Heartworm Disease in Dogs, Lincoln, Nebraska
Heartworm disease is one of the most common and potentially life-threatening illnesses to affect canines.  While there are treatments for it—in the form of medication, more
3 Reasons Dogs Like to Roll in the Grass, Lincoln, Nebraska
Most dog owners have experienced the frustration of taking their freshly bathed dog outdoors, only to watch their four-legged friend immediately roll in the grass. If your more
4 FAQ About Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears, Lincoln, Nebraska
Bathing and brushing are routine parts of dog grooming. But besides having clean, soft fur, dogs need clean ears to avoid bacteria buildup and infections. But how often should more
Spaying & Neutering FAQ, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you’ve invited a new pet into the family, your veterinarian has likely suggested spaying or neutering. Many dog and cat owners, unfortunately, forego this surgery out of more
Do Dogs Ever Need Blood Transfusions?, Lincoln, Nebraska
No pet owner wants to think about their dog getting hurt. But, as veterinarians will tell you, accidents and diseases are as much a reality for our furry friends as they are more
3 Pet Grooming Tips for Your Shih Tzu, Lincoln, Nebraska
All dogs and cats require pet grooming. However, Shih Tzus need a bit more than most — not only for the sake of appearance but also to keep their long, fine hair from matting more
5 Senior Pet Health Tips, Lincoln, Nebraska
Cats and dogs experience many of the same changes their human counterparts do as they age, including gray fur and hair, vision and hearing loss, and arthritis. Animal doctors more
3 Signs Your Dog's Eyesight Is Worsening, Lincoln, Nebraska
Vision loss is a common problem associated with genetics and aging—and not just in humans. Dogs can also develop issues with their eyes, making it difficult to eat, play, and more
5 Common Pet Grooming Mistakes You Might Be Making, Lincoln, Nebraska
Pet grooming is a critical component of animal health, so it’s important for pet owners to stay on top of their furry friend’s hygiene. Many feel confident enough to do most of more
5 Pet Grooming Tips for Winter, Lincoln, Nebraska
Dog grooming should be done every month for the overall health of your best friend, but many people mistakenly believe it’s OK to skip grooming services during the winter—arguably& more
Which Pet Grooming Tasks Should Be Left to the Experts?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Even though your dog or cat may be a part of the family, there are still many aspects of their care that require years to perfect, especially when it comes to pet grooming. more
5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe Over the Holidays, Lincoln, Nebraska
The holidays are full of opportunities to celebrate with your family. If you are a cat or a dog parent, you know that "family" also includes your pets. And while there are more
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