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What to Ask Before Hiring a Welder, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Whether you own a manufacturing company or are working on a custom home improvement, welding can serve innumerable applications. However, whatever project your planning, you’ll want to ensure the welder you choose is right for the j...read more
Common Questions About Metal Fabrication & Mining, La Crosse, Wisconsin
At first glance, metal fabrication and mining may not seem to share much in common. But, metal fabrication plays a vital role in helping the mining industry achieve desired outcomes on a daily basis. Here is a closer look at the importan...read more
La Crosse, WI Welding Businesses
C & C Machine Inc, Fabrication, Machine Shops, Welding, La Crosse, Wisconsin
159 Buchner Pl
La Crosse, WI 54603
Machining and welding metal fabrication projects demand unique skills, extensive training, and a full range of equipment. Fortunately, C & C Machine and it’s staff, located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, possess all the skills and machiner...
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4 Common Welding Repairs for Restaurants, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Because metal is such a sturdy material, it’s frequently used to make restaurant equipment, such as oven hoods, sinks, and salad bars. Over time, these items can become damaged and r...read more
Steel Fabrication FAQ, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Steel is created by combing iron and carbon, but depending on the requirements of the metal, other elements may be added to increase the strength and durability. Metal fabrication fa...read more
3 Eye-Catching Secrets for Using Metal in a Home Remodel, La Crosse, Wisconsin
When it comes to materials for a truly eye-catching home remodel, metal is a more popular choice than ever. Architects and decorators understand the dramatic visual impact of us...read more
What Materials Are Used in Metal Fabrication?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
With the right equipment, a skilled craftsman can turn raw metals into almost any shape imaginable—from the smallest screws to the largest airplane parts. Metal fabrication is t...read more
3 Important Corner Rounding End Mill Considerations, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Cutting keyways, rounding edges, and removing sharp edges are among the many tasks for which professional machinists use corner rounding end mills. These cutting tools differ fr...read more
3 Practices Technicians Use During Tolerance Stacking, La Crosse, Wisconsin
When you hire a metal fabricator to create products for your business, tolerance stacking is a crucial part of their process. When welding, each piece of metal has a tolerance, ...read more
3 Common Causes of Heavy Machinery Breakdowns, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Whether you’re an agricultural or construction business, you rely on your heavy machinery to get the job done. A breakdown can bring business to a grinding halt, causing serious...read more
4 FAQ About CNC Machines, La Crosse, Wisconsin
In the welding community, one of the most common production methods is known as computer numerical control, or CNC, machining. The process involves utilizing computer software to man...read more
Important Welding Terms to Know, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Before you begin any type of welding project, you need to understand some basic aspects about what the experts are going to do and how they will do it. Knowing some industry-specific...read more
4 Answers to FAQ About Steel Beams in Houses, La Crosse, Wisconsin
As a contractor, you’re no stranger to the value of metal fabrication in custom commercial projects. But these days, steel support beams are becoming standard in the construction of ...read more
4 FAQ About Welding Copper, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Copper is used in countless items across almost every industry. Welding is the primary way it’s integrated into products and materials, and there’s a fascinating fabrication process ...read more
How Gasses Are Used in TIG Welding, La Crosse, Wisconsin
TIG welding is the process of joining two metals together using a tungsten electrode. There are many moving parts to this process, so it takes a skilled professional to produce a qua...read more
Can Dissimilar Metals Be Welded Together?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
With the right equipment, almost any type of metal can be welded, especially when it’s being joined with a part made of the same material. But what if your project calls for welding ...read more
How Are Lathe & Milling Machines Different?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Metal fabrication shops depend on several types of machinery and equipment for production, two of which are lathe and milling machines. Both follow subtractive manufacturing, a ...read more
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