Lawn Maintenance in Alaska

Alaska Lawn Maintenance

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Alaska Lawn Maintenance Businesses
Johnson's Carpet Cleaning, Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Carpet, Anchorage, Alaska
8027 Lake Otis Parkway Ste A
Anchorage, AK 99507
(907) 344-3831
Even when you’re careful, at some point, soda, wine, dirt, and mud are bound to make contact with your carpet. While dealing with stains inside, you also need to make sure the outside of your property remains well maintained. Fortunately...
Kelly Lawn and Landscaping, LLC, Landscapers & Gardeners, Lawn Maintenance, Lawn and Garden, Anchorage, Alaska
(907) 441-8923
Since 1999, Kelly Lawn and Landscaping has been providing high-quality lawn care to the residents of Anchorage, AK. Founded by Colby Kelly 15 years ago, the company has since grown into one of Anchorage’s most prized businesses. Kelly La...
Down to Earth Landscaping & Snow Removal, Snow Removal, Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Contractors, North Pole, Alaska
3485 Durham Cir
North Pole, AK 99705
(907) 488-4232
Don’t waste your short summers toiling away in your yard; leave that job to the professionals. When you hire the expert crews at Down to Earth Landscaping & Snow Removal in North Pole, AK, you know that your yard and property will lo...
3 Signs of Soil Erosion, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
If you spend a lot of time maintaining your lawn and landscaping, you should be aware of soil erosion. This natural process can ruin the yard and diminish the appearance of your more
Why Do Weeds Grow?, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
While spring can bring new blossoms and colors to your property, they’re sometimes accompanied by an onslaught of weeds. These unsightly plants will steal nutrients from your lawn.& more
3 Hardscape Ideas for Your Front Yard, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
If you’re using the backyard as your sole outdoor space, you might be wasting prime areas in the front yard. Not only does upgrading the front lawn increase curb appeal and impress more
3 Benefits of Professional Landscaping for Businesses, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Hiring professionals to maintain property grounds is an important aspect of running any business. Manicured lawns, shrubs, and trees will help create a better first impression for more
What Is Lawn Aeration?, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
You might have come across the term “lawn aeration” if you’ve been reading up on how to maintain your landscaping. The process involves getting air into the turfgrass to more
4 Tips for Controlling Weeds, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
There’s nothing more frustrating than pesky weeds invading your lawn. They do a lot more than ruin the view; they also steal precious water, sunlight, and nutrients from your grass more
Helpful Guide to Hydroseeding, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Keeping a beautiful lawn takes time and energy, and some landscapes are easier kept than others. Some landscaping companies can resolve this challenge through hydroseeding. If more
A Brief Guide to Mulching, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Incorporating mulch into your landscape comes with many benefits that range from curb appeal to good health for your greenery. The following guide will help you learn more about more
4 Benefits of Commercial Snow Removal Service, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
If you’re a business owner, having snow and ice on your property can put your customers in danger and your finances in jeopardy. Fortunately, professionals have the equipment and more
5 Benefits of Mulching Your Yard, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Keeping your lawn and garden looking as healthy as possible makes your outdoor living spaces more enjoyable and bolsters the property value. That’s why mulching is something that more
3 Hardscape Ideas for Your Backyard, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Planning and implementing a well-designed hardscape can transform your backyard into the outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of. These features can make your yard more more
3 Reasons to Hire a Snow Removal Service, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
If you’re a property manager, you know that snow removal from parking areas and walkways is a necessary service to keep your apartment complex attractive and safe. Some owners hope more
The Do's & Don'ts of Preparing Your Lawn for Winter, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
During the fall, you’ll be busy getting out your coats and scarves, as well as preparing your home for approaching holidays. But have you added lawn maintenance to your winter more
3 Reasons to Have Someone Perform Lawn Care While You're Gone, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Have a business trip or an extended vacation planned? Make sure your carefully cared for yard stays healthy by arranging for someone to perform lawn maintenance while you’ more
FAQs About RAP Driveways, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
If you have a dirt or gravel driveway, it's time to talk to your landscaping contractor about an upgrade. There are many attractive and cost-effective paving options available, more
4 Benefits of Hydroseeding Your Lawn, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Hydroseeding is the process of applying a mixture of seeds, fertilizer, and mulch to a barren lawn to spur grass growth. The mulch and fertilizer protect and nourish the seeds more