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The Top 3 Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Home, Vanceburg, Kentucky
You’re probably excited about purchasing your first home and are eager to make an offer, arrange for a mortgage and home insurance, and embark on a new journey as a homeowner. However, you don't want to sign onto a home and sit...read more
3 Reasons to Get Insurance for Your Church, Vanceburg, Kentucky
Just like other public facilities, churches routinely draw large crowds of people. Along with hosting weekly services, they may also provide other regular activities, such as meetings, and youth groups. From ensuring that everyone r...read more
Vanceburg, KY Home and Property Insurance Businesses
Farmers Co-Operative Insurance Co, Home Insurance, Property Insurance, Home and Property Insurance, Vanceburg, Kentucky
142 Second St
Vanceburg, KY 41179
(606) 796-2611
Famers Co-Operative Insurance Co was born in September, 1938, when a group of farmers and businessmen came together to discuss the protection of their livelihoods. In accordance with 299 Kentucky Insurance Law and Regulations, ...
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Reasons You Should Review Your Homeowners Insurance, Vanceburg, Kentucky
Insurance may be the last thing on your mind. In all reality though, now is the best time to start preparing for the worst and breaking out your insurance policies. Taking the time t...read more
Here are a few things to remember if you are faced with a “loss” and need some advice or help., Vanceburg, Kentucky
Use your insurance agent That is why we are here. This is OUR JOB! Call us, ask questions, and we will also help you start the claims process if need be. Report claims&nb...read more
On vacation? Be careful what you share on social media, Vanceburg, Kentucky
Whether it’s a week away or just a weekend road trip, taking a vacation away from home is the perfect time to get away from it all. No matter what your plans are, you’ll may want sha...read more
 How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season, Vanceburg, Kentucky
1. Get your roof ready for the rains. Inspect your roof twice per year to avoid costly problems that can escalate into tremendous cost. Look for cracks along the ridge of you...read more
3 Reasons It’s More Expensive to Not Purchase Insurance, Vanceburg, Kentucky
As a homeowner living on a budget, it’s definitely understandable that you might question the value of purchasing home insurance year after year. You might decide to forgo the covera...read more
A Insurance Company Founded by Farmers for Farmers, Vanceburg, Kentucky
“If the rain spoils our picnic, but saves a farmer's crop, who are we to say it shouldn't rain?”- Tom Barrett Farmers Co-Operative Insurance Company was founded in September 1938 by...read more
Protect Your Goods From Power Outages, Vanceburg, Kentucky
When the weather report predicts any type of storm, it’s time to prepare for the possibility of an electrical outage. Whether it’s the lightning bolts of a thunderstorm, the damaging...read more
Knowing Your Home Insurance Coverage, Vanceburg, Kentucky
Homeowners not understanding their coverage is a more common issue than one might think. And in a way, it's understandable. A standard home insurance policy is an intricate piece of ...read more
Preventing frozen pipes, Vanceburg, Kentucky
Many homeowners may not be ready for frigid weather. Now is the time to protect your house pipes from freezing and bursting. With the cold weather upon us, preventive action may make...read more
Space Heater Safety Tips, Vanceburg, Kentucky
As the temperatures drop, a lot of people are investing in space heaters. They can help fight off the cold by adding direct warmth to the rooms you use most. But while thes...read more
Prevent Roof Leaks, Vanceburg, Kentucky
  There are a few easy steps you need to take to prevent your roof from leaking: TRIM THOSE TREES – Falling tree branches can puncture your roof, while low-hanging...read more
Your Local Insurance Company, Vanceburg, Kentucky
Want an Insurance Company that is local? Farmers Co-Operative Insurance Company is located in Vanceburg, Kentucky.  Farmers Co-Operative is not an agency but a company.  W...read more
Need Payment Options? , Vanceburg, Kentucky
Farmers Co-Operative Insurance Company offers a variety of payment options.  Down on your luck or just need to make smaller payments because you can not afford to pay for a...read more
In the Market for Liability Insurance?, Vanceburg, Kentucky
Farmers Co-Operative Insurance Company offers Comprehensive Personal Liability, Farmers Comprehensive Liability, Full Time and Part Time workers Liability, Owners/Landlords Liab...read more
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