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3 Important Tips for Choosing Paint for a Baby’s Room, Nunda, New York
The pending arrival of a baby is an exciting and busy time for expecting parents. Among the many items on your to-do list, one of the most important is prepping the nursery. For many, this includes repainting the walls to create a more i...read more
4 Home Improvement Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom for Children, Nunda, New York
If remodeling your bathroom is your next home improvement project, remember to make it functional for your kids. Adding certain features to the bathroom can help your children use the space easily and safely. Below are some tips for...read more
Nunda, NY Home Improvement Stores Businesses
Nunda Lumber & Hardware, Inc., Lumber, Home Improvement Stores, Hardware & Tools, Nunda, New York
11 S State St
Nunda, NY 14517
(585) 468-2521
It isn’t often you find a reliable building materials provider that also offers outstanding customer service, but the construction professionals from Nunda Lumber & Hardware in Nunda, NY, have been doing just that for over 85 years. ...
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3 Home Improvements That Require Caulk, Nunda, New York
As a durable, versatile material, caulk is used by professional contractors as well as home improvement enthusiasts. With an acrylic latex, rubber, silicone, or polyurethan...read more
4 DIY Uses for Spray Foam, Nunda, New York
DIY home improvement projects become a lot easier when you have the right products and tools, such as GREAT STUFF™ spray foam insulation. You can utilize this versatile pro...read more
4 Steps to Prep Your Drywall for Paint, Nunda, New York
Before painting a wall, it’s important to prepare the surface properly. Neglecting this important step could result in an imperfect paint job that reveals everything from cracks to s...read more
Carpet vs. Hardwood Flooring, Nunda, New York
Updating your home’s flooring is a great way to add value and aesthetic, and there are several materials to explore. Carpets and hardwood are two popular options for home improv...read more
4 Tips for Selecting Bathroom Paint Colors , Nunda, New York
Color has a profound effect on the human psyche. It has the power to soothe, energize, and even irritate, making it important to carefully select the right paint colors for every roo...read more
5 Essential DIY Tips for Building a Deck, Nunda, New York
Decks offer a convenient, cozy outdoor living space for entertaining and relaxing all season. If you are building your own deck, there are a few considerations to keep in mind t...read more
How to Select the Perfect Front Door, Nunda, New York
Front doors not only provide entry to homes, but they also give guests and passersby a glimpse of the homeowner’s personal style, as well as keep occupants safe. That’s why a fr...read more
Remodeling Your Kitchen? 4 Design Trends to Consider, Nunda, New York
As you get ready to remodel your kitchen, you’ll want to think about the best ways to upgrade the space. From changing its appearance to improving its function, design poss...read more
What Makes Hardwood Flooring So Eco-Friendly?, Nunda, New York
Whether you’re building a new home or renovating a room, it’s imperative to stay conscious of the environment. Making eco-friendly choices benefits your home and the local ecosystem....read more
3 Places to Install Hardwood Flooring in Your Home, Nunda, New York
Hardwood floors are an elegant addition to any home. They beautify a space and add value to your property. However, maintenance is required to maintain their pristine condition. This...read more
The Essential Do's & Don'ts of Bathroom Renovations, Nunda, New York
When it comes to upgrading your living space, few home improvements are as rewarding as a bathroom renovation. By outfitting this area with high-quality cabinets, windows, and plumbi...read more
4 Helpful FAQ on Replacing Residential Flooring, Nunda, New York
Replacing the existing flooring in your home is a big job, and it’s natural to have a lot of questions about doing so. In fact, if you haven’t performed many remodels in the past, yo...read more
The Do's & Don’ts of Lighting Your Kitchen, Nunda, New York
In addition to investing in quality flooring and cabinetry, it’s equally important to illuminate your kitchen properly. The right lighting can make all the difference in your comfort...read more
3 Signs Your House Needs New Exterior Paint & Siding, Nunda, New York
As a homeowner, maintaining every element of your home can start to feel like a full-time job. While some projects, such as cosmetic changes or updating flooring to match your new ae...read more
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