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Can You Perform Asphalt Repair in Winter?, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
Whether you've got a driveway, commercial parking lot, or office parking area to oversee, asphalt repair is a critical part of keeping your property safe and navigable. The wintertime can be especially hard on asphalt, as& more
3 Ways to Prepare Your Commercial Paving for Winter, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
Businesses must take special care to protect their physical locations from the harsh weather of winter. Asphalt and commercial paving are especially vulnerable due to their high traffic. Preparing ahead of time will save you money more
Lexington-Fayette, KY Asphalt Contractor Businesses
C & R Asphalt, LLC, Asphalt Seal Coating, Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Contractor, Lexington, Kentucky
415 Rebmann Ln
Lexington, KY 40504
(859) 255-0077
From potholes that can completely destroy a tire to cracked and unsightly driveways, asphalt has various ways of providing frustration for property owners and drivers. Weather, time, and poorly mixed asphalt can leave your surfaces looki...
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How to Care for Asphalt Driveways After Paving, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
Repaving your asphalt driveway instantly boosts curb appeal and makes your property more functional. Once your contractor finishes the work, there are a few things you should do to more
3 Tips for Maintaining Asphalt Driveways, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
  Asphalt driveways don't just make it easier to get vehicles in and out of your garage — they also play an important role in giving your home fantastic curb appeal. Because more
The Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Asphalt Contractor, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
When you have a paving job in the works, it's tempting to save money and attempt the project yourself. Bags of cement asphalt are readily available (cold patch) and have difficultly more
Asphalt Frequently-Asked Questions, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
  Asphalt is a form of petroleum characterized by its black color and initially sticky form. Classified as a pitch material, this gravel and sand mixture remains a favorite more
Why You Shouldn't Put Off Driveway Repairs, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
If you notice a crack in the asphalt on your driveway, you may think it’s not a big deal. However, it’s important to fix this issue and similar pavement problems right more
The Essential Do’s & Don’ts After Your Commercial Paving Project, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
Whether you’ve upgraded your parking lots or installed a new asphalt road leading to your property, commercial paving can make a big difference for your facility. But after the more
Your Guide to Asphalt Maintenance, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
If you have asphalt driveways, parking lots, paths, or other paved surfaces, it helps to know when it’s best to repair, replace, or resurface them. You’ll save money and& more
3 Essential Factors to Consider When Hiring Residential Paving Contractors, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
Driveways and other asphalt surfaces can have a significant impact on your property’s curb appeal, as well as your ability to safely get vehicles in and out of the garage. When you more
What Should I Do Before Driveway Sealcoating?, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
After you’ve had an asphalt driveway installed, every two or three years throughout its life sealcoating is necessary to keep the pavement strong and resistant to weathering. Many more
Why You Should Choose Asphalt Paving, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
From driveways to sidewalks, a pavement is one of the best materials for high-traffic outdoor areas. When paving, you have the choice of asphalt or concrete. While both have their more
How Is Asphalt Produced?, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
When living in a developed community, it’s rare to spend a day without seeing or driving on asphalt. This sturdy material is used to pave roads, airport runways, more
What Is Asphalt?, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
If you’re like most people, you likely see and use asphalt every day. You may drive on it during your daily commute to work or ride your bicycle on it for your morning exercise. But more
3 Questions to Ask a Paving Contractor, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
The precision and patience with which a driveway is paved can make or break your property’s curb appeal. That’s why it’s so important to take your time and do your research before more
The Top 3 Indications You Need Driveway Repairs, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
Your driveway gets almost daily use and must also withstand punishment from the elements all year round. Despite its durability, it may require repairs to keep it functional and more
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