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4 Questions to Ask a Flooring Contractor, Westport, Connecticut
Whether you need hardwood repairs or a new kitchen floor, finding a reliable flooring contractor can be challenging. Asking the right questions before deciding who to hire will ensure you get the best results. Here are a few questio...read more
3 Ideal Flooring Options for Seniors, Westport, Connecticut
When you age in place, you get to stay in a home you’re comfortable in and don’t have to worry about moving. However, aging comes with some risks, such as tripping and falling, making the flooring in your home particularly important...read more
Compo-Owenoke Historic District, CT Hardwood Flooring Businesses
A Better Carpet & Flooring, Carpet, Flooring Sales Installation and Repair, Hardwood Flooring, Southbury, Connecticut
1227 Southford Rd
Southbury, CT 06880
(203) 267-7227
Beautiful hardwood floors and soft carpeting can transform a room. If you’re looking to reimagine your home, turn to the flooring experts at A Better Carpet & Flooring, LLC in Southbury, CT. With more than 35 years of experience, the...
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Laminate flooring emerged in the 1970s as an easy-to-install and attractive alternative to hardwood floors. Since then, it has only improved and is now an excellent alterna...read more
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3 Kid-Friendly Flooring Materials, Westport, Connecticut
From running around to jumping off couches, children are often bursting with energy. This means flooring in homes with particularly rambunctious youngsters can take a beating quickly...read more
4 Impressive Advantages of Vinyl Flooring, Westport, Connecticut
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3 Ways to Care for Hardwood Floors, Westport, Connecticut
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The Benefits of Vinyl & Laminate Flooring, Westport, Connecticut
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3 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Floor Tiles, Westport, Connecticut
The kitchen is the place where your family gathers, where delicious meals are prepared, and where your style can be reflected in many ways. Tile flooring is an important additio...read more
3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Carpet, Westport, Connecticut
While carpets are considered a long-term investment for your home, they do all need to be replaced at some point. However, since you see your carpeting every day, it's easy to miss t...read more
4 Reasons To Install Hardwood Floors In Your Home, Westport, Connecticut
When it comes to replacing the floors, there are many options to choose. While laminate and vinyl may be slightly cheaper, hardwood flooring offer your home a multitude of benef...read more
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