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A Hardware Store's Top 3 Tips for Organizing the Garage, Ludlow, Kentucky
If you’re like many homeowners, your garage has probably become an untended storage space for all those miscellaneous items you can’t seem to find room for in the house. If you’re ready to take back your garage, here are a few tips ...read more
6 Quick & Easy Things You Can Do in Winter to Prepare for a Spring Garden, Ludlow, Kentucky
The keys to a successful garden are planning and preparation. With proper planning, you can head into spring with a garden bed that is clean, healthy, and ready for planting. And even though winter is not a time of growth, it’s not ...read more
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Ideal Supplies, Inc., Foundation & Concrete Supplies, Hardware & Tools, Hardware, Covington, Kentucky
512 Adela Ave
Covington, KY 41016
For over 50 years, Ideal Supplies has been the most trusted local hardware store in Ludlow, KY and the greater Cincinnati area. With a wide range of landscape tools, paints, plumbing supplies, ready mix concrete, lumber and mulch, Ideal ...
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A Covington Hardware Store Discusses How to Install Weather-Stripping on Windows, Ludlow, Kentucky
Weather-stripping helps your windows work more efficiently, creating a tighter seal between the interior and exterior conditions and temperatures. Installing weather-stripping i...read more
Covington Hardware Store Lists 5 Ways to Winterize Your Home, Ludlow, Kentucky
As the weather gets colder and winter sets in, it pays to prepare your home for the season. Poor insulation and slick pavement can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and even dange...read more
5 Survival Items You Can Find at a Hardware Store, Ludlow, Kentucky
According to FEMA, 60% of Americans are not prepared for disaster. One of the ways to make sure you are prepared is ensuring you have survival items in your home. Whether you’re...read more
Mulch & Other Supplies You Need to Plant Trees This Fall, Ludlow, Kentucky
If you’re looking to improve your landscaping or simply protect the planet, consider planting trees this autumn season. In addition to buying mulch and other gardening supp...read more
Tips for Using Ready-Mix Concrete to Pour Your Own Patio, Ludlow, Kentucky
Adding a patio to your home is an easy and economical way to raise your property’s value and add lasting elegance to your outdoor space. If you’re thinking about improving your lands...read more
Landscape Supplies Pros' 3 Tips for a Lush Summer Lawn, Ludlow, Kentucky
Although you can go indoors to escape the extreme heat in Kentucky this summer, the same can’t be said for your lawn. Constant exposure to dry, hot conditions leaves grass wilted and...read more
Landscape Supplies & Tips to Change Up Your Garden, Ludlow, Kentucky
Landscaping is a continuous work in progress, whether you’re adding a new flower bed or rearranging items in the yard. If you’re attempting the latter, it can be tricky: How, exactly...read more
Your Local Hardware Store Outlines 3 Tips for Starting a Garden , Ludlow, Kentucky
Moving to a new home provides a fresh canvas for self-expression, both indoors and out. If you have always wanted to plant a garden but have never had space, now is the perfect ...read more
KY Hardware Store: Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Yard, Ludlow, Kentucky
It takes a considerable effort to keep your lawn and yard looking its best, but a few valuable tips can make the process easier and more successful. Ideal Supplies, a True Value hard...read more
The Best Landscaping Supplies to Care for Your First Yard, Ludlow, Kentucky
Most first-time home buyers focus on the house itself—how many bedrooms it features; if its kitchen is spacious. But your first home will likely also include your first yard. Landsca...read more
5 Landscape Supplies Beginners Should Buy, Ludlow, Kentucky
If you’re a gardening novice, there’s nothing wrong with wanting some guidance about which landscape supplies you need to have. With help from the pros at Ideal Supplies,&n...read more
3 Tips for Your Spring Paint Projects From Ludlow's Best Hardware Store, Ludlow, Kentucky
Whether you're looking to update your home's exterior or give your living room a facelift, spring is the perfect time for home paint projects. For more than 70 years, Ideal Supplies ...read more
3 Key Reasons You Should Get Your Landscape Supplies Now, Ludlow, Kentucky
While most homeowners don’t even consider purchasing landscape supplies until spring, sometimes it’s best to plan ahead. Purchasing in advance offers significant advantages...read more
4 Benefits of Buying Your Spring Landscaping Supplies in the Winter, Ludlow, Kentucky
Did you know winter is a perfect time to start planning your spring landscaping? The landscaping specialists at Ideal Supplies in Ludlow, KY, recommend stocking up now on landscape s...read more
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