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Why Businesses Should Prioritize Hail Damage Roof Repairs, Denver, Colorado
Anytime your area is faced with severe weather, there is a threat of incoming hail. Hailstones form in cumulonimbus storm clouds, circulating there until they become too heavy. The larger the hail, the greater the impact it can have on more
4 Flat Roofing Materials for Commercial Businesses, Denver, Colorado
Many types of commercial roofing are ‘flat’, the guide below looks at some of the options available for your commercial building, so you can decide on the right one for your property’s needs. What Materials Are Used for more
Thornton, CO Gutter Repair and Replacement Businesses
Formula Roofing and Remodeling, Roofing Contractors, Gutter Repair and Replacement, Roofing, Denver, Colorado
4560 Columbine St
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 600-8696
Strong winds, heavy rain, and harsh sunlight can cause major damage to residential and commercial roofing systems. No matter the type of material, the skilled team at Formula Roofing and Remodeling in Denver, CO, will create an affordabl...
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Why You Will Receive Multiple Checks From a Roof Replacement Insurance Claim, Denver, Colorado
If your property has suffered from storm damage, your roof may be one of the most compromised areas. Once your roof replacement claim has gone through your insurance company, you more
3 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Asphalt Shingle Roof, Denver, Colorado
Many homeowners fail to spot brewing trouble on their asphalt roof, calling the roofing contractor only when the situation becomes dire. Unfortunately, when minor more
What You Should Know About Roof Repairs & Insurance Claims, Denver, Colorado
If you live in Colorado you have likely experienced a significant hail storm. Seemingly out of nowhere, your home, car, or even you yourself could be pelted by damaging more
What to Know About Clay vs. Concrete Tile Roofing, Denver, Colorado
Tile roofing has many benefits to consider when evaluating roofing products: It is durable, attractive, energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and can even increase property values. more
How Your Trees May Be Endangering Your Roof, Denver, Colorado
Mature trees can add curb appeal to your home, while also providing ample amounts of shade. Unfortunately, if allowed to overgrow, they can also harm your residential roofing. Here more
What Are Ice Dams & How Can They Harm My Roof?, Denver, Colorado
When you’re a Colorado homeowner, there’s no stopping the snow from landing on your roof. But if you spot ice forming along the eaves, you could be facing a serious problem with more
Recent Hail Storm? 4 Indications of Roof Damage, Denver, Colorado
In Colorado, storms happen frequently, and with sudden thunder and lightning often comes hail. Homeowners must know how to look for possible hail damage to their roof, so more
Impact Resistant Shingles - Are They Worth the Cost? , Denver, Colorado
What is an Impact Resistant Shingle?  Shingle manufacturers like GAF have identified that by interlacing a rubber product called SBS into the manufacturing process of a more
How a Roofing Contractor Can Help You Preserve a Historic Home, Denver, Colorado
Historic homes provide character to communities, but they also require extreme care when making repairs or upgrades. If you need to change any elements of your house’s exterior, it’ more
Preparing your Denver Home for the Fall Winter Season , Denver, Colorado
Okay Denver, you did it again. You just bypassed fall and launched us straight into winter. I know, I know, we are excited about the upcoming ski season but… too more
3 Signs It's Time for a Tile Roof Replacement, Denver, Colorado
Cement, slate, or ceramic roof tiles are exceptionally durable, with life spans of 100 years or more. However, the elements do take their toll, ensuring every roof will eventually more
How Hail Affects Your Roof, Denver, Colorado
Colorado sees more hail than most places—often appearing without warning. While everything from your car to your siding can be impacted by these ice missiles, your roof is more
What Role Does Ventilation Play in Residential Roofing?, Denver, Colorado
When you think of your attic, you probably consider ways to make the most of that vacant space—perhaps filling it with holiday decorations and old photo albums. However, more
Why You Shouldn't Attempt Roofing Repair on Your Own, Denver, Colorado
Whether from severe weather, neglect, or age, roofs eventually suffer from damage. For most individuals, the situation requires an immediate call to the local roofing repair more
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