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Fireplace Repair Specialist Shares 3 Benefits of a Pellet Stove, South Aurora, Colorado
If you’ve decided to install a new stove to heat your home, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the choices. The fireplace repair specialists at Elevations Home Repair in Aurora, CO, recommend you select a pellet sto...read more
Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?, South Aurora, Colorado
A roof is one of the most important parts of a structure. As such, maintaining your house’s protective covering is an integral aspect of home repair. Roofs can be worn down by sunlight, wind, rain, and other elements, so how do...read more
Denver, CO Flooring Sales Installation and Repair Businesses
True Quality Carpet Repairs , Flooring Sales Installation and Repair, Carpet Repair, Carpet Installation, Aurora, Colorado
True Quality Carpet Repair has been in the business of meticulously maintaining carpets and rugs throughout Denver, Colorado for more than 15 years. Family-owned and operated, True Quality Carpet Repair provides professional carpet ...
Elevations Home Repair , Handyman Service, Chimney Sweep, Flooring Sales Installation and Repair, Aurora, Colorado
18284 E. Layton Pl.
Aurora, CO 80015
(303) 635-6515
From ensuring everything is well-cared for to bringing hidden issues to light, regular home maintenance is one of the best ways to retain a structure’s good condition. At least that’s what the contractors at Elevations Home Repair & ...
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Aurora’s Home Repair Professionals Outline the Benefits of Fire Glass , South Aurora, Colorado
If you’re looking for a modern, stylish update to your fireplace or backyard pit, you may want to consider switching to fire glass. The iridescent, sparkling pieces of glass mimic th...read more
4 Benefits of a Home & Fireplace Inspection, South Aurora, Colorado
Whether you’re putting your house on the market, reviewing a property before submitting an offer, or you’re a conscientious homeowner curious about the current condition of your...read more
3 Reasons Why Autumn Is the Best Time for Chimney Cleaning, South Aurora, Colorado
With cold weather rapidly approaching, it may be tempting to start lighting up your indoor fireplace. Before you do, however, it is important to invest in a thorough chimney cleaning...read more
Fireplace Repair Specialists Explain the Importance of Grate Inspections, South Aurora, Colorado
Most individuals who own a home with a wood burning fireplace understand the importance of regular maintenance, but they often overlook one valuable feature: the grate. Inspections a...read more
The Importance of a Chimney Inspection, South Aurora, Colorado
Your chimney is responsible for guiding smoke and embers from the fireplace to the outdoors. Without it, the air in your home would become dangerous, and you could be at risk of chok...read more
Top 3 Home Maintenance Tips for the Fall, South Aurora, Colorado
Home maintenance upkeep can be difficult during the fall due to conflicting school and work schedules. However, it’s important you address any issues now before the winter month...read more
Denver's Home Repair Expert Offers 4 Little-Known Facts About Driveway Repaving, South Aurora, Colorado
Repaving your driveway is one of those home repair tasks you shouldn’t put off. The average lifespan of an asphalt driveway is between 20 and 30 years, and if yours is cracked, crumb...read more
Top 3 Summer Home Maintenance Tips, South Aurora, Colorado
To keep your home looking like new, a few simple maintenance tasks are required. The summer is the perfect time to get started on a few of them, since the weather is ideal for being ...read more
How to Choose Between a Fence Repair or Replacement, South Aurora, Colorado
The fence surrounding your backyard helps define your property, keep pets and children safe, and add an element of style to your lawn. After a number of years, natural elements ...read more
3 Warning Signs You Probably Need a Roof Replacement, South Aurora, Colorado
Most roofs are built to last somewhere between 20 to 25 years. Do you know how old yours is? A roof serves an important purpose in your home by insulating it from those extreme ...read more
How Often Is Gutter Cleaning Necessary?, South Aurora, Colorado
Gutter cleaning is an integral part of home maintenance, as clean gutter systems help maintain one of your most important investments—your roof. Gutters and downspouts direct rainwat...read more
When Is the Best Time for Chimney Cap Installation?, South Aurora, Colorado
Although you only use your fireplace in winter, seasonal changes throughout the year will eventually affect your chimney’s performance. The professionals at Elevations Home Repair kn...read more
3 Benefits of Laminate Installation From Denver’s Flooring Experts, Aurora, Colorado
Flooring sets the design foundation for the whole room, so it’s important to choose a style you’ll love. With so many options, it’s also important to keep budget and lifestyle in min...read more
How to Tell if You Need Carpet Stretching Services, Aurora, Colorado
Even the most durable carpets wear out over time, but that doesn’t mean you need to invest in new carpeting every few years. Instead, turn to the professionals at True Quality C...read more
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