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How Wide Should My Hardwood Floor Planks Be?, Winston, North Carolina
Hardwood floors add classic style and subtle elegance to nearly any room in the home. Once you decide on a color, however, you’ll need to select the width of your planks. Before you settle on a size that looks right, take into account a ...read more
3 Reasons Hardwood Is Popular for Kitchen Floors, Winston, North Carolina
If your kitchen looks shabby and outdated, consider upgrading to hardwood floors. The durability of hardwood makes it a popular option for kitchens and other high-traffic areas of the home. Below are some of the top reasons to inves...read more
Winston, NC Floor Contractors Businesses
Carolina Wood Floors Inc. , Floor Refinishing, Hardwood Flooring, Floor Contractors, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
108 Tucker Ave
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
(336) 765-0680
When you’re in the market for high-quality hardwood flooring, there’s only one place in Winston-Salem, NC, that you should trust:  Carolina Wood Floors. They are a locally owned flooring company that specializes in residential, spor...
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3 Ways to Noticeably Improve the Air Quality in Your Home, Winston, North Carolina
Although people typically cough and sneeze when they have colds, there could be other reasons for your family’s discomfort. From whether your home has hardwood floors or carpeti...read more
3 Environmental Benefits of Choosing Hardwood Floors, Winston, North Carolina
If you’re seeking sustainable ways to upgrade your home, you may find yourself weighing the environmental impact of different material options. Floors in particular have significant ...read more
How to Make Your Hardwood Floors Feel Warmer in the Winter, Winston, North Carolina
Besides their easy upkeep and durability, hardwood floors are popular for the sophistication and classic elegance they add to home interiors. But like most other flooring m...read more
The Do's & Don'ts of Maintaining Hardwood Sports Flooring, Winston, North Carolina
Whether in a home gym or a commercial fitness center, sports flooring gets a lot of foot traffic. While these surfaces don’t need much maintenance, it’s crucial to take a f...read more
3 Ways Hardwood Floors Can Make Small Rooms Feel Larger, Winston, North Carolina
Decorating a small room is a tricky process when you want to make the space feel larger. Although many homeowners remember minor steps like painting the walls cooler colors, they ten...read more
Why You Should Install Hardwood Floors in Winter, Winston, North Carolina
Hardwood floors look great in any part of the home, providing a smooth and durable surface that’s easier to clean than carpet. Many people have heard that the time of year can affect...read more
3 Tips for Preventing Gaps in Hardwood Floors This Winter, Winston, North Carolina
Once you install gorgeous hardwood floors in your home, there are a handful of maintenance tasks you should perform to get the most out of your investment. Winter care is particularl...read more
3 Ways to Protect Your Wood Floor From Furniture Damage, Winston, North Carolina
Hardwood floors are a popular flooring style, lending beauty and value to homes. However, as with any material, you’ll have to follow a few floor maintenance guidelines to ...read more
What to Expect During Hardwood Floor Installation, Winston, North Carolina
Hardwood floors last a lifetime with minimal maintenance, making the flooring suitable for a variety of households. The grain also becomes deeper and richer with age, enhan...read more
What Are the Best Rooms for Hardwood Floors?, Winston, North Carolina
Hardwood flooring adds both function and style to your home. While you may be tempted to install it in every room, you should focus on using it in the areas it works well in. Wh...read more
3 Tips for Matching Home Decor to Hardwood Floors, Winston, North Carolina
When it comes to creating a timeless look for your home that’s also easy to care for, you can’t go wrong with hardwood floors. However, some homeowners find themselves uncertain of h...read more
3 Ways to Protect Your Floors This Holiday Season, Winston, North Carolina
If you’ve decked the halls, finalized your meal plans, and completed all of your shopping, you’re almost ready for the holidays! But there’s one more important step of holiday prepar...read more
Consider These 3 Factors When Choosing Gym Floors, Winston, North Carolina
While workout machines and yoga mats may be essential, having high-quality gym floors is just as important in maintaining fitness safety and facilitating a quality workout....read more
3 Kid-Friendly Activities for Wood Flooring, Winston, North Carolina
From durability to low maintenance and increased value with age, there are several wood floor benefits. Although the installation will last a lifetime with proper care, rambunctious ...read more
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