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How to Broach the Topic of a Privacy Fence With Neighbors, Newark, Ohio
Regardless of how well you know the next door neighbors, it’s best to alert them of your plans to install a privacy fence. As they could see the installation from their homes or hear the noise while work is underway, giving advanced noti...read more
The Do's & Don'ts of Wood Fencing Maintenance, Newark, Ohio
The picket fence may be a symbol of the American dream, but in real life, these wooden barriers still require regular upkeep. If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal and prolong the life span of your investment, you’ll have to kno...read more
Newark, OH Fencing Businesses
A & B Fence, Pet Fences, Fences & Gates, Fencing, Newark, Ohio
831 Buckeye Ave.
Newark, OH 43055
(740) 344-7943
If you're looking to install or replace a boundary around your property, it’s important to seek out a dependable fencing contractor who can offer effective solutions and beautiful results. At A & B Fence in Newark, OH, they have...
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3 Advantages of Installing a Privacy Fence, Newark, Ohio
Privacy is something all homeowners desire. Installing a privacy fence is an excellent way to secure the property and give everyone inside some additional peace of mind. If you’re th...read more
3 Reasons Dog Owners Should Fence in Their Backyards, Newark, Ohio
A dog is a reliable companion that’s there for you no matter what happens. However, if you live in a cramped house without access to a fenced in yard, your dog might grow bored or st...read more
3 Ways to Make Your Yard Safer for Children, Newark, Ohio
Every parent wants a safe yard for their children to play in and explore, but many aren’t aware of the potential dangers hiding in their own backyards. No matter what age your childr...read more
FAQ About Aluminum Fencing, Newark, Ohio
Aluminum is a popular fencing choice for homeowners. Whether you need a residential fence for safety or privacy purposes, this material is versatile and comes in many diffe...read more
3 Things to Consider With Wood Fencing, Newark, Ohio
Wood fencing will transform your yard into your very own private space. Whether you’re in search of a privacy fence, need additional security or want to improve your home’s curb appe...read more
What to Consider When Installing a Fence for Your Dog , Newark, Ohio
One of the top reasons homeowners invest in a fence installation is to keep pets safe inside their yard. If you’ve recently added a new dog to your family, putting a barrier around y...read more
Wood vs. Aluminum Fencing: What’s the Difference?, Newark, Ohio
Selecting the right fencing materials can significantly impact the final product depending on your needs. Some are more durable while others are more versatile, and the price always ...read more
The Top 4 Vinyl Fencing Cleaning Tips, Newark, Ohio
  Vinyl fencing is extremely durable and low maintenance, but it can be cleaned occasionally to look its best. To help you do that efficiently, A & B Fence in Newark, OH of...read more
5 Questions to Ask a Fence Contractor Before Installation, Newark, Ohio
Deciding to install a fence involves a variety of factors. You’ll need to select a material, as well as an established fence contractor who can successfully complete the project. Bef...read more
3 Essential Reasons to Install a Privacy Fence, Newark, Ohio
Many homeowners love the idea of having a privacy fence around their home because the structure keeps prying eyes from watching them sunbathe or work in the garden. However, there ar...read more
5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Fence, Newark, Ohio
Repairs aren’t always the best solution when you notice your fence leaning and looking worn out. Like most items, vinyl, aluminum, and wood fencing will eventually need to be replace...read more
What Should You Do Before a Fence Installation?, Newark, Ohio
A fence can add value, security, and beauty to a home, all of which helps boost the curb appeal. Before you build one, however, there are several tasks you should complete. The follo...read more
3 Qualities to Look for in a Fence Installation Company , Newark, Ohio
If you’ve ever had to install fencing yourself, you know what a pain it can be. Hiring a fencing company will save you loads of time and toil but figuring out what to look for in a b...read more
3 Ways a Fence Installation Could Improve the Value of Your Property, Newark, Ohio
Did you know that a fence installation could increase the value of your property? Whether you’re looking to add a level of privacy or are just interested in marking the borderline, t...read more
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