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3 Telltale Signs Your Home Has a Bed Bug Problem, Mobile, Alabama
The mere mention of bed bugs is often enough to set alarms ringing—and for good reason. If you find them in your home, it’s vital to act fast, as these critters are stubborn and difficult to mitigate without professional help. The more
Exterminator and Fleas.  No Contract, Mobile, Alabama
A flea infestation, like most everything else, starts with a few and then multiplies into hundreds. The reproduction rate is very quick with all circumstances in place. B & W Pest Control (since 1978) has treated and won the many more
Gulf Shores, AL Pest Control and Exterminating Businesses
B & W Pest Control, Exterminators, Pest Control and Exterminating, Pest Control, Mobile, Alabama
Family-owned-and-operated since 1978, B&W Pest Control is the premier exterminating company in the Mobile, AL area. The company has been keeping Mobile and the surrounding Baldwin County's homes pest-free for decades, and prides itse...
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3 Considerations to Make When Looking for an Exterminator, Mobile, Alabama
Whether you suspect a problem or have an overt property infestation, it’s always best to hire a professional exterminator to help. Beyond removing the intruders, the specialist more
My pets have worms, WHY?, Mobile, Alabama
One of the main reason your pets have worms is probably caused by FLEAS. When a flea bites your pet, worms are transferred to your cat or dog. B & W Pest Control ( more
Why are roaches in my refrigerator?, Mobile, Alabama
More than likely they are other places also. The population of the roaches has grown to the point that nesting places are spreading. Next place you may see them will be in the more
Pest control for FLEAS, Mobile, Alabama
Do you have fleas in your house at this moment ? If you have cats or dogs, you probably do, especially if your pets are not being treated for fleas on a monthly basis. B & more
Need an EXTERMINATOR/ getting bites all over., Mobile, Alabama
B & Pest Control can help by asking questions over the phone and telling you what it probably is and a solution. There are several options to correcting this problem as several more
Pest Control for BED BUGS, Heat or Chemical???, Mobile, Alabama
Both can work. Heat is a labor intense process for the EXTERMINATOR and the customer. This makes the cost go up. The expensive cost of heat machine is another reason for increased more
What does rat/mice droppings look like? Pest Control?, Mobile, Alabama
Droppings (fecal material) are different with each “critter”. A mouse dropping is, of coarse smaller than a rat’s dropping. A mouse and rat dropping has pointed ends. A “ more
Can PEST CONTROL get rid of my BED BUGS ?, Mobile, Alabama
B & W Pest Control can and guarantees their work. How can  one be sure? Check out the EXTERMINATOR for how long in business, pricing can be of a big help with out getting more
Pest Control and the enviroment !, Mobile, Alabama
As professional business people, The education on chemicals and what is correct and what is not, helps the use of less pesticide in the area serviced. The common theory is a little more
Why PEST CONTROL service can save you money!, Mobile, Alabama
Once an infestation begins, it becomes harder and harder for a “do it yourselfer”  to be able to control or even eliminate the problem. Nature has a built in system for more
EXTERMINATOR OR PEST CONTROL for rodents?, Mobile, Alabama
These two names can be used for the same thing when searching on line. The exterminator does pest control service. There is a difference between pest control and termite service. more
An infestation of roaches, fleas, bed bugs, ants, rats and mice can develop before noticed by the home owner or business man. The store shelves are over loaded with “bug killing” more
5 Tasks You Can Do to Get Rid of Cockroaches, Mobile, Alabama
When cockroaches invade your home, you want the infestation and future trouble dealt with as soon as possible. Calling a pest control expert is always recommended for preventive more
Can Pest Control eliminate roaches/, Mobile, Alabama
Yes!! With cooperation from the home owner, an exterminator can, unless they don’t have the experience (knowledge) or the product(s) that an immune tolerance has been built up. B& more
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