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When Should You Get a Termite Inspection?, Hilo, Hawaii
As a homeowner, you take precautions against natural forces such as wind and rain that can cause damage. Another way to protect your investment is periodic termite inspections. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to schedule more
Termite Fumigation FAQ, Hilo, Hawaii
If you discover termites in your home, fumigation is a solution to eradicate their colonies. The process may seem intimidating since you’ll have to vacate your home for a short period, but its effectiveness makes it more
Keaau, HI Pest Control and Exterminating Businesses
Hilo Termite & Pest Control Ltd., Exterminators, Termite Control, Pest Control and Exterminating, Hilo, Hawaii
28 Pookela St.
Hilo, HI 96720
Termites are sneaky little pests, burrowing into wood and eating away at your home or business without making a sound. By the time you notice, the damage is done! If you suspect there are termites in your building or want to schedule a t...
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4 Ways to Keep Roaches Out of Apartments, Hilo, Hawaii
Cockroaches can trigger allergic reactions and carry bacteria into your apartment, so it’s smart to implement roach control measures to keep them out. Here are a few easy pest more
4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Prevent Pests, Hilo, Hawaii
Spring in Hawaii means fair weather conditions, but it can also bring ants, beetles, mice, spiders, and other pests. Fortunately, keeping a clean home will help prevent these more
What Kinds of Termites Are Found in Hawaii?, Hilo, Hawaii
While small in size, termites are known to cause significant structural damage, as they consume wood materials. In Hawaii, these insects are estimated to cause $100 million in more
5 Ways to Keep Termites Out of Your House, Hilo, Hawaii
Termites pose a serious yet often undetected risk of costly damage to your home. That’s why you should prevent these wood-munching bugs from reaching your house in the first place more
How Does the Sentricon® System Work on Termites?, Hilo, Hawaii
When there are subterranean termites on your property, eliminating the problem can be frustrating. Unlike drywood termites, which nestle into the wood on which they’re more
3 Household Items That Attract Cockroaches, Hilo, Hawaii
When you discover that cockroaches have invaded your home, you may wonder where you went wrong. Fortunately, small changes can help with roach control. Here are a few household more
3 Roach Control Tips to Prevent a Garage Infestation, Hilo, Hawaii
In Hawaii, roaches are common, and it can be difficult to keep them out of your space. Even if your kitchen is clean, they can find a haven in your garage and, from there, more
4 Pet Food Tips That Prevent Pest Infestations, Hilo, Hawaii
Dog and cat food attracts insects and vermin without the right care, especially since it’s often left out overnight. Numerous pests are active during evening hours, including mice more
Why Cockroach Infestations Are Difficult (but Not Impossible) to Eliminate, Hilo, Hawaii
Cockroaches have a strong reputation for being indestructible. As a homeowner, this makes these pests frightening because of how hard they can be to get rid of. However, roach more
3 Ways Roaches Negatively Affect Your Restaurant, Hilo, Hawaii
Of all the challenges restaurant owners face, a roach problem ranks near the top of the list. Their presence can damage your bottom line in the following ways, which is why more
Does Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?, Hilo, Hawaii
Buying a house is a major investment, so it’s only natural that you would invest in home insurance to protect yourself against threats like fire or flooding. But termites and other more
5 Common Myths About Cockroaches, Hilo, Hawaii
Cockroaches have a reputation for being unappealing pests. While there are many common facts about cockroaches, there are also plenty of misconceptions regarding these more
Why You Need to Protect Your Pets from Cockroaches , Hilo, Hawaii
Turning the lights off and hearing cockroaches can make your skin crawl. Most people know that they’re the most common insect affecting American homes, but have you given much more
Termite Tenting FAQ, Hilo, Hawaii
Termites can live undetected within the walls of homes and businesses for years until they reveal their presence with noticeable and often expensive structural damage. If you more
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