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3 Reasons to Install a Patio, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
Many homeowners want some way to enjoy the outdoors while being able to relax or entertain their friends and family. Installing a patio is a popular way to enhance a home. Typically made with concrete, brick, or stone, these outdoor stru...read more
Should You Add a Basement When Building a Home?, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
If you’re getting ready to build your custom home, you may be wondering if you should add a basement or not. While a basement can provide several benefits, it requires extensive planning beforehand. Here are some of the advantages of hav...read more
South Koochiching, MN Excavating Businesses
Up North Builders, Inc., General Contractors & Builders, Concrete Contractors, Excavating, International Falls, Minnesota
3181 US-53
International Falls, MN 56649
(218) 285-3635
Whether you’re starting a new home remodeling project or planning to build a business office, the professionals at Up North Builders, Inc. provide a wide range of construction services. With over 20 years of experience, their knowledgeab...
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The Do’s & Don’ts of Demolition, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
Remodeling is all about giving yourself a fresh start. Demolition is a major part of this process, as it clears out old materials and readies your space for fresh furnishings. H...read more
3 Items You Shouldn't Throw in a Dumpster Container, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
Renting a dumpster can come in handy when performing a home remodeling project or doing spring cleaning. However, while it might seem like you can throw anything in one of these...read more
3 Home Remodeling Trends to Consider, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
If you’re thinking of starting a home remodeling project but don’t know where to begin, there are plenty of popular trends to consider. They’ll add value to your home and maintain ap...read more
Why Building a Custom Home Is Better Than Buying a Speculative House, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
When you’re ready to invest in a home, you may be faced with the option of building one from the ground up or buying one that’s already constructed. Because of their popularity, cust...read more
Reasons to Choose Concrete for Your Outdoor Spaces, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
Curb appeal plays an important role in home values, which is why it’s essential for homeowners to spend time and effort sprucing up outdoor spaces to make them more visuall...read more
3 Home Remodeling Projects That Are Worthy Investments, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
When you’re a homeowner, a remodel is no simple endeavor. Not only are there countless style options to choose from, but you must also be strategic about the costs. Regardless i...read more
3 Things You Need to Know Before Building a New House, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
Building your own house from the floor up is a dream for many Americans, but making that dream a reality involves many steps with which homeowners may be unfamiliar. Everything from ...read more
Should You Build a Custom Home or Buy an Existing One?, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
When you’re looking for a new place to live, you can search for a home that meets most of your needs and then remodel it, or you can build your perfect custom home from the ground up...read more
4 Key Questions to Ask About Your General Contractor, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
General contractors are important players in home improvement projects. Finding the right one to suit your needs and budget comes with asking the right questions and understanding wh...read more
5 Steps to Prepare for Home Remodeling , Rainy Lake, Minnesota
Home remodeling is an exciting time, no matter the size of the project. Once your budget is set and your general contractor is ready to go, it’s important for you as the homeowner to...read more
3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Excavating Service, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
Whether you’re in the planning process of constructing a building foundation or septic tank system, one of the first steps will be to hire a professional excavating service. They are...read more
3 Strengths Only Experienced Excavators Bring to Your Project, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
A proper excavation is one of the most important parts of any home build. Local excavating contractors provide a service referred to as “site preparation,” which encompasses dem...read more
New Homeowner? General Contractor Shares 4 Key Upgrades, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
With a handshake at closing and a new set of keys in hand, you're now a proud homeowner. The real fun starts with ideas on how to decorate that cozy kitchen and spacious master bedro...read more
3 Excellent Home Remodeling Projects to Tackle This Summer, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
The arrival of summer can mean many things. For those who like to use the beautiful weather to complete projects around the house, it’s a good time to tackle those home remodeli...read more
4 Built-In Storage Ideas From Your Local General Contractor, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
If you’re looking for ways to maximize space in your home, built-in shelving is an attractive way to create extra storage. You can build functional storage solutions in any room or a...read more
3 Built-In Storage Ideas From Rainy Lake’s General Contractors , Rainy Lake, Minnesota
If your home feels a little cluttered, you may be tempted to blame it on a lack of space. All too often, however, it’s not the amount of square footage you have, but rather how ...read more
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