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A Guide to Trenching, Somerset, Kentucky
Earthwork contractors provide a variety of excavation services, including trenching. If your company is developing land for new construction, you’ll likely need to dig several trenches to hold the utilities. Use this guide to learn ...read more
Your Guide to Landfills, Somerset, Kentucky
The garbage in residential bins, commercial dumpsters, and roll-off containers goes to landfills after being picked up by a waste management company. Landfills have specific engineering and designs that prevent waste materials from&...read more
Ferguson, KY Excavating Businesses
Weddle Enterprises Inc, Construction, Demolition & Wrecking, Excavating, Somerset, Kentucky
(606) 678-4057
Weddle Enterprises, located in Somerset, Kentucky, is a company that is renowned for its reliability and efficiency. With over 40 years of demolition experience, this family-owned company takes pride in its work, always delivering q...
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A Business Owner's Guide to Choosing Between Demolishing or Remodeling, Somerset, Kentucky
Neglected commercial buildings offer a lot of renovation opportunities. In some cases, however, the land they’re on is more valuable than the run-down structure. Many buyers struggle...read more
A Guide to Business Utilities, Somerset, Kentucky
If you want to build a location for a business, you have many aspects to consider. At the top of the list should be the utilities, which you’ll need to accommodate employees and...read more
The Importance of Land Grading Contractors, Somerset, Kentucky
As you plan a construction project or a landscaping upgrade, the ground you're building on should be the first aspect you consider. Uneven or unsteady soil won't support a foundation...read more
What Is a Box Culvert & What Does It Do?, Somerset, Kentucky
Box culverts come in many sizes and are helpful structures that you can often find on excavation sites. One of the most useful components of modern construction, you can use box culv...read more
Frequent Questions About Demolition, Somerset, Kentucky
Demolition is a process that involves dismantling a structure, clearing the site, and recycling the materials. Typically, this occurs when a structure is beyond repair, or the proper...read more
A Guide to Home Demolition, Somerset, Kentucky
Tearing down a house—whether to clear space for your dream home or remove an unsafe structure—can be intimidating. Luckily, demolition doesn’t have to be as stressful or complicated ...read more
3 Advantages of Hiring an Excavation Contractor for Your Project, Somerset, Kentucky
Any successful development project, from installing a new parking lot to building large-scale industrial facilities, begins with land clearing and excavation. While this may seem lik...read more
FAQ About Clearing Land for Construction, Somerset, Kentucky
Land clearing is an essential first step in almost any construction project. If you are planning a new build, whether for residential or commercial purposes, you’ll likely need to hi...read more
A Guide to the Inner-Workings of a Landfill, Somerset, Kentucky
Whenever you drive by a landfill, you probably don’t think of much except for the unmistakable smell. However, these waste management systems aren’t just trash heaps. The design...read more
3 Safety Tips for Winter Construction, Somerset, Kentucky
Road damage and problems with underground utilities can happen at any time, which is why contractors must perform underground excavation and other construction jobs in winter. Howeve...read more
3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Utility Contractor, Somerset, Kentucky
Laying the groundwork for sewer lines and storm drains is a critical part of any construction project. In addition to connecting the future building to municipal systems, your utilit...read more
How to Prepare a Commercial Lot for Building, Somerset, Kentucky
If you’re in the process of closing on a commercial lot, you should start thinking about construction. The sooner you prepare the site, the sooner you can start using it as a so...read more
How Do Excavation Contractors Help With Your Project?, Somerset, Kentucky
When it comes to construction work, adequately preparing the site is essential before building can get underway. This requirement makes excavation contractors a crucial part of any p...read more
4 Common Questions About Landfills, Somerset, Kentucky
Landfills are a crucial part of safe and effective waste management. These federally-regulated excavation sites are designed to hold various types of materials to minimize environmen...read more
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