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4 Aspects You Should Know About Demolition, Chillicothe, Ohio
When buildings fall into disrepair and become unsafe, or when property owners need land clearing services to make space for new construction, a demolition company gets the job done. Building demolition is more complicated than just knock...read more
4 FAQ About Lot Clearing Services, Chillicothe, Ohio
Whether your needs are residential or commercial, you may need to have a parcel of land cleared. Even though you’ll hire a company that’s experienced in lot clearing, you may not fully understand what’s involved in the process. By explor...read more
Chillicothe, OH Excavating Businesses
Gillum Excavating and Demolition, Excavation Contractors, Demolition & Wrecking, Excavating, Chillicothe, Ohio
485 Douglas Ave.
Chillicothe, OH 45601
There’s a lot that goes into a construction project. The planning and building are two key aspects of the process, but you’ll also need to clear land and haul away debris. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Gillum Excav...
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Your Guide to Adding a Basement to Your New Home, Chillicothe, Ohio
If you’ve just purchased a lot for your new home, you probably want to get construction started right away. However, before you hire an excavating company to begin the process, you f...read more
5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Lot Clearing, Chillicothe, Ohio
  Lot clearing is an important step in preparing land for several construction and landscaping projects. Hiring a professional is critical for a variety of reasons and will mak...read more
Factors to Consider Before Installing a Garden Pond, Chillicothe, Ohio
A garden pond makes for a peaceful, relaxing outdoor space and attracts songbirds, dragonflies, turtles, frogs, and other wildlife to your yard. It also provides an environment for i...read more
3 Common Types of Demolition Projects, Chillicothe, Ohio
When most people think of demolition, they picture a wrecking ball knocking down a building. However, demolition is far more diverse than this common perception would suggest. There ...read more
3 Methods for Stopping Soil Erosion, Chillicothe, Ohio
When there are no systems in place to absorb rainwater, the resulting flows will begin eroding the soil on your land. With the right plan, however, you can limit the loss of soi...read more
What Commercial Projects Require Excavating?, Chillicothe, Ohio
Commercial construction projects take place in a series of phases, many of which seem subtle to the untrained eye. Before breaking ground on a building, for example, contractors may ...read more
3 Reasons to Leave Excavation to the Professionals, Chillicothe, Ohio
Whether you need to put in a sprinkler system or you are thinking about digging a hole for a new inground pool, you might be pondering the possibility of doing your own excavating. W...read more
3 Important Steps to Prepare a Building Site, Chillicothe, Ohio
In any type of construction site work, preparation is key. You need to ensure that the ground throughout your location is clear, level, and sturdy before laying the foundation and st...read more
4 Reasons You May Need a Residential Demolition, Chillicothe, Ohio
 If you have visions of living in a custom home, you may choose to purchase a fixer-upper and renovate the property. In some cases, though, you may need to demolish the existing...read more
4 Frequently Asked Questions About Land Clearing, Chillicothe, Ohio
When constructing a new development, it’s often necessary to clear the land of trees and brush before site work begins. The process is complex, but skilled professionals have the equ...read more
3 Signs Commercial Demolition Is Necessary, Chillicothe, Ohio
Sometimes older commercial buildings need more than renovation and remodeling. They may require commercial demolition services because they are no longer sound enough for safe occupa...read more
How Lot Clearing Teams Help Prevent Erosion, Chillicothe, Ohio
Lot clearing is an important process for maintaining a property, readying a building site, and more. However, several challenges often accompany it, including the issue of erosion. F...read more
3 Reasons to Leave Commercial Demolition to the Professionals, Chillicothe, Ohio
If you’re a business owner, you may decide to knock down an old structure to create a new one that better suits your needs. However, you first need to figure out how to demolish the ...read more
3 Situations Where Demolition Is the Best Option, Chillicothe, Ohio
If you own an old home that is no longer structurally safe for you and your family, you may be faced with the option of renovating or demolishing. While remodeling has its benefits, ...read more
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