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4 Common Reasons Why Your Trunk Wont Open, Driftwood, Texas
Whether you are at the grocery store or late for work, it is never a good time to realize your trunk won’t open. However, it could be helpful to understand why this might occur so you can calmly call a locksmith and explain the...read more
What to Do If You're Locked Inside Your Car, Driftwood, Texas
Getting locked inside your car can be a problem for the unprepared if you don’t have a way to fix it manually. While you can easily break the window, most people aren't ready to damage their property to escape without first loo...read more
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One Call Lock & Key, Locksmiths, Lock Repairs, Locksmith, Driftwood, Texas
(512) 353-1112
Have you ever gone out to your car, only to realize your door is locked and your keys are still in the ignition? Maybe you can’t find your car keys or you lock your keys in the car. There’s no need to worry because One Call Lock & Ke...
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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Car Won't Lock, Driftwood, Texas
When we purchase a car, we expect it to come with standard safety features, like locks. Car locks are excellent for keeping your vehicle secure and protected, but sometimes they don’...read more
Why a Car Key Remote Is So Helpful, Driftwood, Texas
These days, it seems commonplace to have a remote for your car keys. Most modern models come pre-equipped with this device, and those with older vehicles often turn to locksmiths to ...read more
4 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Keys , Driftwood, Texas
Everyone’s been there at one point or another—running out the door, already ten minutes late, you realize you don’t know where your car keys are. If you’re lucky, you find yours quic...read more
4 Times You Should Rekey Your Car Locks, Driftwood, Texas
Your car helps you get from Point A to Point B, and in the process, can act as a second home. However, to feel safe in it and use the car properly, there are circumstances when rekey...read more
A Guide to Transponder Keys, Driftwood, Texas
When your car won’t start, you may think your ignition or battery has died, but it’s possible the problem is your key. Transponder keys have microchips embedded in their heads, ...read more
4 Reasons to Have a Spare Car Key, Driftwood, Texas
Most drivers don’t consider the possibility of losing their keys when they head out for the day. It’s easy for anything to happen to such a small item, and, in those instances, it’s ...read more
3 Reasons Your Car Key Isn't Working, Driftwood, Texas
After a long day at work, you look forward to getting into your car and driving home to dinner or your family. However, out of nowhere, your key is having trouble unlocking or starti...read more
3 Reasons to Turn to a Locksmith for Spare Car Keys, Driftwood, Texas
Having a set of spare car keys will reduce the risk of accidental lockouts. Although you could visit a hardware store or kiosk machine for a new set, they are not always reliabl...read more
Do's & Don'ts When Hiding Spare Keys, Driftwood, Texas
Whether you’ve just come home from a long day at the office or your arms are heavy-laden with bags after a trip to the grocery store, keys always seem to get misplaced when you can’t...read more
What to Do if You Get Locked Out of Your Car, Driftwood, Texas
At some point, nearly every vehicle owner will lose their car keys and have to ring for a locksmith service. However, there are a few steps to take before making the call. Here ...read more
3 Qualities to Look for in a Locksmith, Driftwood, Texas
Whether you locked yourself out of the house or your vehicle or want to install a deadbolt for enhanced security, you’ll need a locksmith to ensure the job is done properly. If there...read more
How a Remote Starter Can Benefit You, Driftwood, Texas
When the weather becomes extreme, people look for ways to stay warm, whether it's cranking the thermostat or hitting snooze to stay under the covers a bit longer. That’s why remote s...read more
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