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3 Ways to Get Involved in Your New Neighborhood, Longwood, Florida
Moving to a new neighborhood is an exciting experience, but it can also be isolating at first. Luckily, there are many ways to get involved in your community, such as joining a homeowners association. Below are a few ideas so you ca...read more
3 Benefits of Being Part of a Homeowners Association, Longwood, Florida
  Whether you’re thinking about buying a property that belongs to a homeowners association (HOA) or your neighborhood is considering creating one, you’re probably wondering if it’ll be worth it. HOAs come with monthly fee...read more
Longwood, FL HOA Management Businesses
HMI, Condominium Management, HOA Management, Community Association Management, Longwood, Florida
760 Florida Central Pkwy, #200
Longwood, FL 32750
(407) 628-1086
HMI provides comprehensive management services to Condominium and Homeowners’ Associations and Commercial Properties (Office Condominiums) throughout Central Florida. Well known for their reliability, HMI provides customized service plan...
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3 Landscaping Duties for Your HOA Management Team This Fall, Longwood, Florida
As fall weather becomes more prominent throughout Central Florida, it’s time to have your HOA management company start preparing the neighborhood for the cooler season. This will ens...read more
3 Tips for Managing Your Homeowners Association Reserve Fund, Longwood, Florida
Board members of a homeowners association (HOA) manage reserve funds, which are meant to address unexpected expenses such as emergency repairs. Proper manage...read more
5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Hurricane Season, Longwood, Florida
With hurricane season upon us, it’s important to make sure your home is prepared to face a major storm even if you’re not on the Florida coast. Whether you live in a house, an apartm...read more
4 Characteristics of a Great HOA Board Member, Longwood, Florida
A good homeowners association board will keep the organization running smoothly, while a great HOA will improve the value of the community and the lives of its residents. Because the...read more
3 Ways to Make Homeowners Association Conflicts Productive, Longwood, Florida
In a perfect world, your homeowners association would arrive at every decision in perfect unity. In reality, even seemingly simple decisions might get dragged out into battles. ...read more
3 Important Steps to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season, Longwood, Florida
Whether you live by the sea year-round or you own investment properties near the water, part of being a coastal homeowner means being prepared for hurricanes. Typically, hurricane se...read more
4 Tips for Managing an Effective Homeowners Association, Longwood, Florida
Being part of a homeowners association (HOA) is rewarding, but it can also have its challenges, as board member duties extend far beyond collecting fees and hiring landscapers. HOAs ...read more
5 Spring Cleanup Tips for Homeowner’s Associations, Longwood, Florida
Springtime brings weed growth on walkways and pollen piled up on your patio, which can make a community look unkempt. If you’re a part of a homeowner’s assoc...read more
How Condo Office Management Adds Value to Your Community, Longwood, Florida
Commercial condominium associations are excellent tools for maintaining property values and creating a sense of business community, but they’re often cumbersome, especially for ...read more
4 Landscaping Tasks to Include on HOA Spring Cleanup Lists, Longwood, Florida
First impressions mean everything when it comes to property value, so a well-maintained landscape is important to every member of a homeowners association. With spring just around th...read more
Do You Need an On-Site or Off-Site Community Association Manager? , Longwood, Florida
The elected members of homeowner and condominium associations have a number of responsibilities that include maintaining their community’s common areas, setting a budget, and co...read more
Community Management vs. Property Management: What’s the Difference?, Longwood, Florida
If you live in a rental community or condominium, you’ve likely come across a community association manager or property management team. Or perhaps you’re investing in rental real es...read more
4 Essential Roles of a Homeowners Association , Longwood, Florida
Whether it’s an urban development or suburban cul de sac, neighborhoods are made up of many individual residents with their own lifestyles, tastes, and personalities. A homeowners as...read more
How to Know It’s Time to Hire a Property Management Firm, Longwood, Florida
Buying rental property is one of the most rewarding ways to invest money, but not everyone has the skills or desire to be a landlord. This is why many investors find it beneficial to...read more
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