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When Should You Consider a Prenuptial Agreement?, Blue Ash, Ohio
No engaged couple expects to file for divorce someday, but preparing for that possibility can spare you both the emotional trauma and expenses later. A prenuptial agreement is a valuable instrument, allowing you and your partner to settl...read more
Understanding the Differences Between Wills & Living Trusts, Blue Ash, Ohio
Most people know that both wills and trusts have something to do with estate planning. When it comes to the specifics, though, differentiating between the two can be challenging. For example, in both a will and a living trust, you can di...read more
Cincinnati, OH Divorce and Family Attorneys Businesses
Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller, Personal Injury Attorneys, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Estate Planning Attorneys, Cincinnati, Ohio
9079 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
The law firm of Donnellon, Donnellon & Miller has been providing Cincinnati, OH, residents with legal services since the firm’s founding in 1951. Founded by the Honorable Edward J. Donnellon and continued by his sons, the firm has si...
Katzman, Logan, Halper and Bennett, Wills & Probate Law, Personal Injury Attorneys, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Cincinnati, Ohio
9000 Plainfield Rd. Suite B, Blue Ash
Cincinnati, OH 45236
If you’re in search of high-quality legal counsel, The Law Offices of Katzman, Logan, Halper and Bennett, LPA is more than prepared to help you. The attorneys on staff at this Cincinnati-based law office have the experience and skill set...
Law Office of Gerald M. Wirsch, Criminal Attorneys, Adoption Law, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Hamilton, Ohio
633 High Street, Suite 104
Hamilton, OH 45011
(513) 858-9281
With a full list of pragmatic services, the Law Office of Gerald M. Wirsch provides residents throughout Hamilton Ohio with reliable and transparent law services. Whether you are seeking a settlement in small claims court, criminal ...
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Why Estate Planning Should Be Your New Year's Resolution, Blue Ash, Ohio
With 2019 fast approaching, why not make a New Year's resolution that will benefit loved ones this year? By drafting or updating critical estate planning documents with the help...read more
What Happens to Your Belongings if You Die Without a Will?, Blue Ash, Ohio
Many people believe that verbally describing how they would like their assets divided after their death is enough to ensure their wishes are respected. Unfortunately, this is no...read more
3 Factors that Affect How Long Probate Takes, Blue Ash, Ohio
When a loved one passes away, their assets will have to go through a complex process known as probate before they can be distributed to their heirs. Because it involves a wide variet...read more
How to Divide Your Children’s Holiday Plans During a Divorce , Blue Ash, Ohio
Going through a divorce is difficult at any time of the year, but it can be particularly challenging during the holidays. This is especially true if you have children, as you will ne...read more
What to Ask Yourself Before Drafting Estate Planning Documents, Blue Ash, Ohio
Creating a comprehensive estate plan can seem overwhelming, regardless of how large your family is or how many assets you have acquired. By breaking it down into several di...read more
What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer?, Blue Ash, Ohio
The outcome of a divorce can affect every aspect of your life, influencing everything from your finances to your future relationships with your children. If you’re planning on filing...read more
When Should You Hire a Business Lawyer?, Blue Ash, Ohio
Pursuing your business goal takes imagination, drive, and at times, a good lawyer. From choosing the best legal structure to succession and estate planning, experienced counsel can m...read more
When Should You Update Your Estate Planning Documents?, Blue Ash, Ohio
Although it’s wise to draft estate planning documents long before your family will need them, having a dated will that does not reflect your current wishes can be just as b...read more
3 Considerations That Should Be Included in Your Will , Blue Ash, Ohio
Drafting a will is a crucial part of the estate planning process. This is a legal document that the court will refer to when it comes time to carry out your final wishes upon death. ...read more
What You Need to Know About the Dissolution of Marriage, Blue Ash, Ohio
If you don’t want to be with your spouse anymore, you might consider a dissolution of marriage. It differs from a divorce because there are no fault grounds. During the process,...read more
4 Guardianship FAQs, Blue Ash, Ohio
Guardianship refers to a legal arrangement in which someone other than a child’s parent looks after them. The guardian typically has both physical and legal custody and is responsibl...read more
3 Myths About Divorce, Blue Ash, Ohio
Whether it’s a lack of knowledge or wishful thinking, people pass along numerous myths concerning divorce. Lawyers often hear incorrect statements about grounds for splitting up, chi...read more
How Social Media Can Affect the Outcome of Your Divorce , Blue Ash, Ohio
For a large percentage of the population, social media has become an integral part of everyday life. Although it offers a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, it can p...read more
Is Legal Representation Required to File for Dissolution of Marriage in Ohio?, Blue Ash, Ohio
Regardless of how amicable the split may be, ending a marriage is still an emotional and complex process to go through. The state of Ohio makes it a little easier by offering dissolu...read more
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