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What Factors Influence Child Custody Decisions?, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Even if your relationship with your spouse didn’t go as planned, the children you raised together will always be close to your heart. Therefore, child custody cases can easily become fraught with anxiety and tension. If you’re worried ab...read more
How Does Divorce Impact Your Estate Planning?, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Divorce doesn’t only interfere with your present life, but it can also affect your future. Although estate planning may be the furthest aspect from your mind, it’s vital that you update your plan. If you don’t, your assets might end...read more
Charlotte, NC Divorce and Family Attorneys Businesses
Law Offices of M. Timothy Porterfield, Family Attorneys, Family Law, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Charlotte, North Carolina
316 E Worthington Ave
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 370-3694
Family law is incredibly complex, with implications that could impact you and your children for the rest of your lives. With more than 25 years' experience helping Charlotte families through divorce, separation agreements, and child cust...
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Why You Should Stay Off Social Media During a Divorce, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Even if you’re on amicable terms with your spouse, the divorce process can bring brand-new disagreements to the forefront of your relationship. But whether you’re in negotiations ove...read more
How Do Stay-at-Home Parents Prepare for Divorce?, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Divorce is often an emotionally and financially draining process. For stay-at-home parents, the decision to separate puts them at a disadvantage—particularly when they primarily depe...read more
NC FAMILY LAW MYTHS DEBUNKED: Marital Misconduct In Equitable Distribution, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
In North Carolina the division of marital property and marital debt is termed “equitable distribution”. One of the biggest myths surrounding equitable distribution is that marital mi...read more
Perhaps the most prevailing myth in child custody is the myth that minor children get to select which parent they want to live with in a contested custody case. A large portion of th...read more
What Are the Different Types of Divorce in North Carolina?, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
North Carolina’s matrimonial laws cause confusion for some spouses because of the variety of divorces. A family law lawyer can advise you on the best approach for your situation. Be...read more
3 Situations That Could Benefit From a Family Law Lawyer, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
A family law lawyer can help in a wide variety of family disputes and changing family dynamics. No matter what situation you're facing, it's always in your best interest to hire a fa...read more
3 Questions to Ask Your Family Divorce Lawyer During the Initial Consultation, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Divorce may be fairly common, but the proceedings themselves are incredibly personal for each and every individual pursuing a separation. That’s why you need to look for more than ju...read more
3 Excellent Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Dissolving a marriage is usually an extremely difficult experience, requiring you to make decisions that will impact the rest of your life while dealing with emotional turmoil and te...read more
A Divorce Lawyer Shares 3 Tips for Having Tough Relationship Conversations, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Broaching the subject of divorce is never easy, and even talking about it can change the dynamic of your relationship forever. For some couples, though, splitting up is the best opti...read more
From Alimony to Child Custody: How Divorce Affects Your Unemployed Spouse, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Divorce is one of the most emotionally turbulent experiences people will ever have to deal with, but it's also a complex legal and financial arrangement which ensures both you and yo...read more
What You Should Know About Separation Agreements, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
People do not get married with the intention of divorcing someday. Thus, in the event that a divorce does occur, redistributing assets that the couple combined or earned together is ...read more
Do You Need a Prenuptial Agreement? A Charlotte Divorce Attorney Explains, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Many couples, caught up in the whirlwind of marital bliss, often worry that discussing the potential for a divorce may cause feelings of resentment or jinx the marriage entirely. How...read more
3 Things You Must Know About Alimony Before a Divorce, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Alimony is just one of the numerous issues that must be dealt with during a divorce. To this end, it’s important to know what to expect when entering into divorce proceedings to ensu...read more
Charlotte Divorce Lawyers Offer 3 Tips for the Healthiest Divorce Possible, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina
Divorce is an extremely difficult, often traumatic experience, requiring you and your spouse to resolve a variety of legal questions while attempting to deal with hurt feelings and o...read more
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