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The Differences Between Bipolar Disorder & Depression, Staunton, Virginia
Bipolar disorder and depression both include depressive episodes, prolonged feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, despair, and, in some cases, suicidal thoughts. But these two conditions are not exactly the same, and if you or more
3 Tips to Cope With Depression During Quarantine, Staunton, Virginia
Quarantine is difficult for everyone, but it can be a particular challenge for those diagnosed with depression. Being indoors most of the time and limiting your contact with others can exacerbate your condition. Protect your mental and more
Staunton, VA Mental Health Services Businesses
Comprehensive Behavioral Health, Psychiatrists, Depression Therapy, Mental Health Services, Staunton, Virginia
25 Myers Corner Drive
Staunton, VA 24401
(540) 688-2646
No one makes it through the bumpy road of life without a little help. If you’re struggling to navigate these ups and downs, the compassionate team from Comprehensive Behavioral Health in Staunton, VA, wants to provide you with the suppor...
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4 Do's & Don'ts of Managing Your Anger, Staunton, Virginia
Many people struggle with anger that can disrupt their lives and strain even the closest relationships. Learning how to manage this intense emotion can help you lead a more
Do I Have Depression?, Staunton, Virginia
While everyone feels sad at times, some people find their low mood lasts much longer than anticipated. These individuals are often diagnosed with depression, a mood disorder that more
4 Ways to Cope With the Winter Blues, Staunton, Virginia
During winter, your body gets less direct sunlight, which can lower your serotonin levels. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for winter to be associated with a decline in your more
Can the Weather Affect My Mood?, Staunton, Virginia
During the winter, the days may seem shorter because the sun sets earlier. Since snowy and rainy days are constant throughout the season, the sun may rarely make an appearance, more
3 Ways to Support a Loved One Who Has Depression, Staunton, Virginia
Depression is a prominent mental health issue and the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the National Alliance of Mental Illness. People living with the more
Understanding TMS Therapy, Staunton, Virginia
For people who have depression, therapy and medication are often effective treatments. However, for some, these treatments are not effective. For people who can’t find relief more
What Causes Depression?, Staunton, Virginia
Depression is a common mood disorder, affecting about 17 million Americans. It can be treated and managed, but first, it needs to be diagnosed. If you suspect you’re experiencing& more
5 Healthy Ways to Manage Anger, Staunton, Virginia
Anger is a normal human emotion and response to feeling threatened or mistreated, or when you think something is unfair or unjust. How you respond to your feelings of anger, more
How Can I Identify Signs of Depression?, Staunton, Virginia
Many people experience occasional bouts of sadness due to life’s many ups and downs. Depression is a different experience altogether. Characterized by an intense, pervasive more
What's the Difference Between Bipolar Disorder & Mood Swings?, Staunton, Virginia
Mood changes are a part of everyday life; we all experience good and bad days. Some people may experience frequent, intense swings as part of a health condition called bipolar more
4 FAQ About Anxiety Attacks, Staunton, Virginia
An anxiety attack is a brief period of intense fear, typically accompanied by feelings of doom or a perceived threat to one's health, life, or safety. They usually last around more
4 Ways to Calm a Panic Attack, Staunton, Virginia
When you're facing mental health challenges such as an anxiety disorder, you may experience panic attacks. These are episodes of intense fear that may include shortness of breath, more
3 Tips to Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder, Staunton, Virginia
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is commonly associated with fall and winter; however, some people experience this type of depression in the spring or summer. It can last& more
4 FAQ About TMS Therapy, Staunton, Virginia
Transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, is a noninvasive treatment for depression that has been effective for several people, with some estimates suggesting a success rate as more
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