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What Happens During Court Proceedings?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Jurors are essential in legal proceedings. If you’re selected to serve, your first time in court can be a bit confusing. During the trial, you’ll likely see the same set of faces, including the court stenographer, judge, and more
FAQ About Depositions, Honolulu, Hawaii
As a new attorney, taking your first deposition can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. The information obtained through a deposition is critical, and overlooking important steps, like hiring a court reporting service or asking the more
Honolulu, HI Court Reporting Businesses
 Ralph Rosenberg-Court Reporters Inc, Transcription & Recording, Conference Centers, Court Reporting, Honolulu, Hawaii
1001 Bishop St Suite 2460
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 524-2090
When your law firm is dealing with a case, finding a top-notch court reporting firm is crucial. That’s why lawyers in the state of Hawaii depend on Ralph Rosenberg-Court Reporters. As the largest reporting firm in the state, with confere...
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3 Reasons Attorneys Need a Court Record, Honolulu, Hawaii
Court reporters provide the critical role of documenting every case presented before a judge word-for-word. Their transcripts are filed and are usually a matter of public more
Why Are Court Reporters Needed to Appeal a Case?, Honolulu, Hawaii
A court reporter plays a crucial role during the judicial process. They sit in on civil and criminal cases and transcribe the court testimony of both sides. Attorneys use this more
The Importance of Court Transcriptionists, Honolulu, Hawaii
A court transcriptionist records legal proceedings to create a detailed record of the events. This accurate record gives judges and attorneys a way to look back at the more
What's Real-Time Court Reporting?, Honolulu, Hawaii
In the past, court reporting was done primarily through the stenography method. Using a special steno device, reporters would rapidly record dialogue with shorthand commands. more
4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Court Transcriptionist, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re conducting a deposition or arguing a case in court, the outcome may hinge on having an accurate, prompt transcript of the proceedings. Being able to go back and review more
What to Look for in a Court Reporter, Honolulu, Hawaii
Before taking a case to trial, an attorney must find the right court reporter to document the proceedings. After all, the quality of the transcriptions can impact the outcome more
Differences Between Stenographic & Real-Time Court Reporting, Honolulu, Hawaii
Court reporting offers a detailed transcription of what’s said during trials, hearings, depositions, and other legal proceedings. There are two main types of court reporting: more
3 Reasons Every Law Firm Should Use Videoconferencing, Honolulu, Hawaii
Taking witness statements and conducting depositions can put an enormous strain on small law firms, especially when the other parties are located several states away or on another more
How Fast Can a Court Reporter Type?, Honolulu, Hawaii
With the ability to accurately transcribe upwards of 200 words per minute (wpm), the skills of court reporters are impressive. The position requires incredible listening and typing more
3 Ways Court Reporting Helps Attorneys Win Cases, Honolulu, Hawaii
As an attorney, you strive to secure the most favorable outcome for your client. Other than researching relevant information and utilizing past experiences to form a strategy, more
3 Benefits of Video Depositions, Honolulu, Hawaii
A deposition is just as powerful as a court testimony and can be the key to winning a case. In particular, video depositions have become indispensable tools for preserving more
A Guide to the Different Types of Court Reporting, Honolulu, Hawaii
Court reporting provides an accurate record of legal proceedings, like trials and depositions. Transcripts are valuable to all parties involved in a legal dispute, especially more
What Jurors Can Expect During Courtroom Trials, Honolulu, Hawaii
Most people don’t have much experience in a courtroom, so being chosen for jury duty can be an intimidating experience. While you’ll be expected to do little more than listen, the more
A Guide to the Role of Court Stenographers, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re preparing for a court proceeding, you might be wondering who’ll be present. While you can expect attorneys and judges, there will also be a court stenographer. Here’s more
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