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What Is Respite Care?, Colerain, Ohio
With summer all but here, many family caregivers are thinking about vacation. A vacation is crucial for self-care, especially when much of your time is used to care for an elderly loved one. In this kind of situation, respite care i...read more
A Guide to Gardening for Seniors, Colerain, Ohio
Gardening is an enjoyable and convenient way to get out in the open air, boost your mood, and get a little bit of exercise. This outdoor activity can thus be an important part of elderly care for interested seniors. However, gardening ca...read more
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Visiting Angels - Cincinnati West, Home Care, Elder Care, Home Health Care, Cincinnati, Ohio
9019 Colerain Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45251
At Visiting Angels – Cincinnati, the senior home care experts are on your schedule. The assisted living professionals exist to make your loved one’s independent living as comfortable, easy, and achievable as possible. You dictate your ow...
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Early Signs of Dementia to Look for in Your Loved One, Colerain, Ohio
Dementia is a disease that affects many senior citizens in the U.S. and worldwide. However, it can often be difficult to diagnose in some patients. Early signs of dementia may not be...read more
How Diet May Impact Your Cognitive Function, Colerain, Ohio
Diet is an important aspect of elderly care. Along with health effects, the foods you eat can actually have an impact on your cognitive well-being, which is a concern for many senior...read more
How to Prevent Senior Falls This Winter, Colerain, Ohio
During winter, it’s especially important for seniors who maintain independent living to be aware of the weather and changing conditions. That’s because the season puts them...read more
3 Reasons Why Companionship Is Crucial to Elderly Care, Colerain, Ohio
When it comes to quality elderly care, companionship plays a huge role. Seniors that still live in their homes may lack the proper social interaction for a happy and fulfilling life....read more
How to Make the Most of the Holidays for Your Loved Ones, Colerain, Ohio
The holidays are a time to gather and celebrate family, and that means making sure your elderly loved ones can enjoy it, too. Compassionate caregivers positively impact eld...read more
October Is Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, Colerain, Ohio
In the United States alone, some 5.7 million people are living with Alzheimer's Disease. Agnes Schroth, photo above, was one in ten individuals over the age of 65 who had this c...read more
The Myths About Alzheimer's from Your Caregivers at Visiting Angels, Cincinnati, Colerain, Ohio
As the most detrimental memory loss disease, Alzheimer’s is also the most studied in medical and health fields. With exceptional service, Visiting Angels in Cincinnati, OH ...read more
Top 3 Senior Financial Scams to Know About , Colerain, Ohio
Scammers frequently target seniors due to their perceived vulnerability and because they tend to have more money in their bank accounts than younger individuals. Unfortunately, this ...read more
Elderly Care Experts on 3 Essential Nutrients for Seniors, Colerain, Ohio
While a healthy diet should be a constant throughout life, dietary needs change with age. Nutrition is an essential part of proper elderly care, as it can boost energy and improve im...read more
5 Ways to Help a Senior Recover After a Fall Accident , Colerain, Ohio
According to National Council on Aging estimates, a senior citizen in America falls about every 11 seconds. Contributing to about 2.8 million reported injuries a year, these accident...read more
The Benefits of Gardening According to Ohio's Senior Home Care Experts, Colerain, Ohio
June is National Gardening Month, which means it’s the perfect time to get outside and start a new garden with your loved ones. And, as one of the most popular activities among older...read more
How to Cope When Your Loved One Is in Hospice Care, Colerain, Ohio
Putting a loved one in hospice care is a significant decision. Whether they are receiving in-home care or are in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you may have questio...read more
A Spring Guide to Senior Health & Wellness, Colerain, Ohio
Spring brings longer days and blooming flowers, making the lazy days of winter seem far away. For seniors, this season can be particularly beneficial, as warmer weather and fresh air...read more
How to Know a Loved One Needs Dementia Care, Colerain, Ohio
When someone you love starts to have difficulty functioning on their own, it can be hard to know how to help them. Dementia, in particular, can be challenging to watch manifest, sinc...read more
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