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4 Steps to  Prepare for Filing Bankruptcy , Ewa, Hawaii
Making the decision to declare bankruptcy is not easy, but if you’re dealing with insurmountable debt, it can be the best option you have for regaining financial freedom. Filing bankruptcy is a complex procedure, so you need to plan more
3 Tips for Rebuilding Credit After Filing Bankruptcy, Ewa, Hawaii
For those who have accumulated more debt than they can ever pay off, filing bankruptcy may be the answer. Discharging applicable debts after liquidating assets or completing a payment plan can help you regain your financial more
Oahu, HI Bankruptcy Attorneys Businesses
Dunn Greg Bankruptcy Attorney, Foreclosure Law, Debt Management, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Honolulu, Hawaii
841 Bishop Suite 2221
Honolulu, HI 96813
If you're looking for bankruptcy representation with decades of experience and a strong team providing top-tier service to all of their clients, look no further than Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney in Honolulu, HI. As a proven legal profe...
Donald L. Spafford Jr. Attorney at Law, Debt Management, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Attorneys, Honolulu, Hawaii
1003 Bishop St, Ste 470
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 532-6300
Are you or a loved one facing a difficult financial situation? Does your business need a fresh start? Turn to the skilled team at the office of Donald L. Spafford, Jr., Attorney at Law for in-depth insights and professional advice. Clien...
Brian Kawamoto Attorney, Tax Lawyers, Estate Planning Attorneys, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Pearl City, Hawaii
Do you have consumer debts or back taxes that are getting harder and harder to manage? Seeking legal help and knowing what your options are can be the first road to relief. The Aiea, HI law office of Brian Kawamoto pr...
Affinity Law Group, Debt Law, Foreclosure Law, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Honolulu, Hawaii
1188 Bishop St, Ste 3408
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 545-4600
If you’re struggling to make the minimum payments on your credit card and other accrued debt, turn to Affinity Law Group. Located in Honolulu, HI these attorneys have been helping residents throughout the island of Oahu learn their optio...
Cain & Herren, ALC, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Attorneys, Wailuku, Hawaii
2141 W Vineyard St.
Wailuku, HI 96793
(808) 242-9350
Being involved in a financial or personal dispute can be an overwhelming, daunting experience, especially when those situations often bring long-term consequences. Cain & Herren, ALC is a law firm committed to helping the people of H...
Colin K. Kurata Counselor at Law , Bankruptcy Attorneys, Business Attorneys, Attorneys, Honolulu, Hawaii
1001 Bishop St, #2685
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 524-2900
Colin K. Kurata Counselor at Law firmly believes providing legal guidance requires excellent training and legal expertise, along with a commitment to practice law according to the very highest ethical standards. Attorney Kurata is no st...
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What to Do Before Entering Into a Business Contract, Honolulu, Hawaii
Signing a contract on behalf of your business means entering into a legally binding relationship. Once you sign it, you’re locked in, so if the terms are less than ideal, it more
How Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit on Oahu, ,
While filing for bankruptcy can provide a way out for borrowers struggling with unmanageable debt, it does have significant consequences that may impact your finances for years to more
3 Common Types of Commercial Litigation Cases , Honolulu, Hawaii
Commercial litigation encompasses any lawsuit filed as a result of a legal dispute in the business world. These cases are different from other civil lawsuits because they more
How Declaring Bankruptcy Will Help You Start the New Year Right, Honolulu, Hawaii
The new year is right around the corner, which means if you’re struggling financially, now is the perfect time to declare bankruptcy. A bankruptcy attorney will typically tell more
7 FAQ About Hawaii's Statute of Limitations on State Tax Collection, Ewa, Hawaii
In Hawaii, the State Department of Taxation has 15 years to collect outstanding taxes from delinquent taxpayers. They can use means such as levying accounts, garnishing wages, more
The Do's & Don'ts of Handling Creditor Harassment, Honolulu, Hawaii
It only takes a single missed payment for creditors to start harassing debtors with phone calls and letters. If you’re struggling financially, such harassment is only going to more
3 Alternatives to Explore Before Filing for Bankruptcy, Ewa, Hawaii
Filing for bankruptcy is a valuable tool for borrowers facing unmanageable debt, but it can have a negative impact on your credit score and require you to surrender some of your more
How to Recover From Personal Bankruptcy, Honolulu, Hawaii
Recovering from personal bankruptcy is not as difficult as you might think. With determination, advice from a bankruptcy attorney, and wise planning, former debtors purchase cars more
A Quick Guide to Discussing Bankruptcy With Your Children, Honolulu, Hawaii
As a parent, you naturally want to protect your children from your problems as much as possible, especially if you’re in over your head financially. Your children may not more
What to Consider When Choosing a Business Structure, Honolulu, Hawaii
When starting a new business, choosing a corporate form is one of the first and most important decisions you’ll have to make. Should you operate under your name, or establish a more
Can I Get a Mortgage After Filing Bankruptcy? , Ewa, Hawaii
While declaring bankruptcy is an effective way to gain control over overwhelming debt, it will take a while for your credit standing to recover. In turn, obtaining a mortgage more
4 Alternatives to Filing for Bankruptcy in Oahu, ,
If you’re struggling to keep up with your debts, filing for bankruptcy might provide a way out, allowing you to wipe the slate clean and start over. While bankruptcy is a powerful more
Should I Declare Bankruptcy Before or After Filing for Divorce?, Ewa, Hawaii
It’s not uncommon for someone filing for divorce to also declare bankruptcy. After all, many couples end their marriages over financial disputes, and both parties may more
Can You Buy a House After Filing for Bankruptcy?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Bankruptcy offers a way out of debt for those struggling to meet their financial obligations, but it will impact your ability to qualify for new loans or credit cards. Many people more
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