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Why You Should Steer Clear of Social Media During a Divorce, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Under normal circumstances, social media provides a great way to stay connected with friends and family and keep them updated on all the details of everyday life. However, if you’re going through a divorce, posting pictures and status more
3 Questions to Ask a Child Support Lawyer About Grandparents’ Rights, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Although it’s rare, there are certain situations in which a child’s biological parents are unfit to care for their children.  There are other times when a biological parent is excluding grandparents and other relatives with more
La Crosse County, WI Bankruptcy Attorneys Businesses
O'Neill Law Firm, Criminal Attorneys, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Family Law, La Crosse, Wisconsin
115 5th Ave S., #421
La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 519-3551
The only constant in life is change, and sometimes, these evolutions aren’t so pleasant. Consider a divorce or bankruptcy for example. Is there a better way to handle these life changes? Without question, a legal expert can help. O'...
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A Comprehensive Guide to Theft & Robbery in Wisconsin, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Both theft and robbery involve taking someone else’s property. As a result, people tend to use them interchangeably. Criminal defense attorneys must often remind people that they more
How to Talk to Your Kids About Filing for Bankruptcy, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is not easy, especially when you have children to provide for. You may worry what kind of impact this will have on their future and more
What Bankruptcy Filers Should Know About Different Types of Claims, La Crosse, Wisconsin
As part of filing for bankruptcy, you’ll need to list all the persons or entities you owe money to and the approximate amount of the debt. In most cases, this is fairly more
What Happens to Pets in Bankruptcy, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Most people consider their pets to be members of the family, but, in a bankruptcy, the law views your furry companions as assets that you own. One need not be a bankruptcy attorney more
3 Tips for Helping Children Cope With Divorce, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Divorce is hard on the whole family. Children of any age can struggle with adjusting to life after their parents split up. Although every child will cope with the transition more
A Guide to Filing Bankruptcy Around the Holidays, La Crosse, Wisconsin
If you are considering a visit to a bankruptcy attorney in the run-up to the New Year, it’s important to understand how the holidays can affect your filing. Exactly when you more
A Guide to Zombie Debt, La Crosse, Wisconsin
If you suddenly have a creditor calling you regarding a debt from years ago, you may be facing so-called “zombie debt.” These creditors, known as debt scavengers, are more
How to Handle Social Media During a Divorce, La Crosse, Wisconsin
If you’re starting the divorce or custody process, you know you’re facing many changes in your life. One many people overlook is in the way you should use social media. A divorce more
What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy & Divorce, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Divorce can present some serious financial challenges--so serious, in fact, that an individual has to file bankruptcy as a result. Any bankruptcy attorney will tell you that, while more
I Need to go Bankrupt, but I'm Broke: Answers, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Many of my friends and colleagues who are not familiar with Bankruptcy ask me how I get paid.  Good Question.   Sometimes clients have the money, but most times they more
What Does Child Support Cover?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Child support is one of the most common issues that must be worked out among divorcing couples who have minor children. In the eyes of the law, every parent has a responsibility to more
Ask a Divorce Attorney: Who Gets the Vacation Home?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
If you and your spouse purchased a vacation home or timeshare together, you likely did so with the intention of using it for years to come. Most don’t consider what might more
3 Factors to Consider When Facing a Child Custody Battle , La Crosse, Wisconsin
If you are in the process of getting divorced and share children with your spouse, it’s natural to have a lot of questions—and concerns—about the pending custody proceedings. After more
Bankruptcy Attorneys Explain the Pros & Cons of Filing Bankruptcy, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Bankruptcy is an effective solution for many people struggling to overcome insurmountable debt. However, it’s not the right option for everyone. If you are thinking about more
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