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What Happens if You Post Bail But the Person Misses the Court Date?, Dalton, Georgia
The bail system is set in place to provide individuals with their freedom while they await trial. However, it is contingent upon the person showing up for their court date. So, what happens if you post bail and your loved one misses more
What to Know About Bail Bondsmen & Their Role in the Legal Process, Dalton, Georgia
When people are charged with criminal offenses, they either have to sit in jail until their court date or get out on bail. A bail is a predetermined amount of money that defendants must pay so they can get released from police more
Whitfield, GA Bail Bonds Businesses
Huckabee Bonding Company, Bail Bonds, Dalton, Georgia
1204 N Thornton Ave.
Dalton, GA 30720
(706) 226-5474
Getting the call that your loved one has been arrested can be tough, and having a dependable bail bond agent at your side is imperative to getting them back home quickly. At the locally owned and operated Huckabee Bonding Company, they’r...
A-1 Bonding Inc, Legal Services, Bail Bonds, Dalton, Georgia
1428 Cleo Way
Dalton, GA 30720
(706) 259-3511
Located across the street from the Whitfield County Sheriff Department in Dalton, GA, A-1 Bonding Inc. has served customers for more than 30 years by providing quality bail bonds to the people when they need it most. Whether you require ...
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The Booking Process Explained, Dalton, Georgia
Getting arrested is a jarring experience, regardless of the circumstances. Whether the arrested person is facing misdemeanor or criminal charges, they’ll have to go through the more
Your Top 4 FAQs About Bail Bonds Answered, Dalton, Georgia
If you or a loved one finds themselves in a situation where bail is needed to get out of jail, the experience can be scary. Knowing what to expect throughout the bail bond more
4 Things to Look for in a Great Bail Bond Agent, Dalton, Georgia
In the unfortunate event that you find yourself behind bars, you’ll need the assistance of a bail bonding company to help you get out of jail quickly. Attention to detail and more
What You Need to Know About Bail Bonds Service in Georgia, Dalton, Georgia
After an arrest, working with a bail bonds service is crucial to get you back home. However, for many people, this can be a confusing process. The laws governing bail more
Do's & Don'ts After You Post Bail , Dalton, Georgia
If taken into police custody and booked for allegedly committing a crime, your first priority is to quickly post bail. When you’re unable to make a payment in full, a more
Ask a Bail Bond Agent: What Happens if I Can't Come Up With Bail Money?, Dalton, Georgia
An arrest can happen at any time, which means you or your family might not have the funds to post bail., According to the bail bond agents at Huckabee Bonding more
3 Items Commonly Used as Bail Bond Collateral , Dalton, Georgia
After you or a loved one has been arrested, you will often have the opportunity to post bail so you can remain at home throughout your trial. The cost of posting bail can be steep, more
The 4 Most Common Types of Bail Bonds, Dalton, Georgia
Whether it’s days or weeks, there may be some time between when a person is arrested and when they have their day in court. Bail bonds allow them to go home and return to their more
3 Benefits of Being Released from Jail on Bail, Dalton, Georgia
If you are in trouble with the law and find yourself in jail, there are ways to help yourself and begin to put the situation behind you. Posting bail is one of those ways. Depending more
How 24-Hour Bail Bonds Work in Georgia, Dalton, Georgia
Bail bonds are financial agreements made between a person accused of a crime and the bond agent. This agreement allows the latter to post bail on behalf of the defendant so they may more
Top 4 Tips for Choosing a Bail Bonds Service, Dalton, Georgia
The shock of an arrest is often overwhelming, and it can be hard to know what to do first. The best thing you can do is find a reputable bail bonds service, so you or your loved one more
Common Questions About Bail Bonds, Dalton, Georgia
Most people give little thought to bail bonds until the need for one arises. As such, it’s only natural to have a few questions. If you or a loved one is arrested and held on bail, more
What Are Bail Bonds?, Dalton, Georgia
Something as simple as an unpaid speeding ticket may lead to time in jail. If you find yourself stuck behind bars awaiting a trial, you have two options. You can either remain in more
Do You Get Your Money Back if You Pay Your Bail Bond?, Dalton, Georgia
For those who have never been arrested before, the entire bail bonds process can be very confusing. One question many people have is whether or not they will receive their more
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