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How to Extend the Life of Your Car's Battery, Concord, North Carolina
Your car’s battery is responsible for starting the engine and powering auxiliary systems that help keep you and your passengers stay safe and comfortable, like the headlights, power windows, and stereo. The average more
Why Your Car's AC Isn't Working, Concord, North Carolina
Air conditioner failure is a problem that often sends drivers to auto repair centers in the summer. Cooling problems in cars can be difficult to diagnose, so learning more about a few potential issues can help you work with& more
Concord, NC Auto Repair Businesses
Cabarrus Import Service, Auto Care, Transmission Repair, Auto Repair, Concord, North Carolina
4499 Old Airport Rd
Concord, NC 28025
(704) 793-4122
From work and school to grocery shopping and sporting events, your car takes you from point A to point B every day. When an unexpected breakdown occurs to your vehicle, you won’t miss a beat with the detailed auto repairs at Cabarrus Imp...
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3 Tips for Improving Your Car’s Gas Mileage, Concord, North Carolina
Different cars have different fuel economies, but you can control your gas mileage beyond that by taking a few simple steps. Increasing your car’s fuel efficiency saves more
3 Common Automotive Electrical Issues, Concord, North Carolina
Your car's electrical system consists of several critical parts, including the battery, starter, and alternator—all of which work together to power the vehicle and its electrical more
3 Reasons Your Car Is Making Strange Sounds, Concord, North Carolina
As a car owner, you’ll likely experience a strange sound coming from your vehicle at some point in your time on the road. If you aren’t an auto repair expert, it can be more
4 Common Reasons Honda Civics Need Repairs, Concord, North Carolina
Honda Civics are known for their reliability. However, over the course of years of driving, Civic owners may notice a few issues that are often reported with these kinds of more
3 Brake Maintenance Tips Not to Overlook, Concord, North Carolina
Your vehicle’s brake system is an essential component for safe driving, but many drivers don’t provide the appropriate care for these components. Neglecting to maintain your more
4 Common Toyota Camry Auto Repairs , Concord, North Carolina
You probably love your Toyota Camry for its reliability, fuel economy, and relatively low cost of ownership. It’s easily one of the best-selling vehicles in the U.S. and has more
3 Signs That Your Car Is Overheating, Concord, North Carolina
The many moving parts inside your car rely on coolant and lubricant to keep the engine from overheating. If it starts to get too hot, the pistons expand and seize, more
How Cold Weather Affects Car Batteries, Concord, North Carolina
Each winter, drivers are more likely to get stranded with a car that won’t start. This is because your battery can struggle to start your car when temperatures drop below more
5 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes, Concord, North Carolina
Regular vehicle maintenance is a vital routine that protects your car from costly auto repair. Unfortunately, too many drivers make maintenance mistakes that impact the more
A Driver's Guide to Wheel Alignment, Concord, North Carolina
You don't have to be a mechanic to know your tires are one of the most essential parts of your car. However, not everyone knows how vital tire or wheel alignment is. Alignment more
The 4 Types of Motor Oil Explained, Concord, North Carolina
Motor oil is essential for the smooth and safe operation of your vehicle; it lubricates the internal parts of the engine, reducing friction as well as wear and tear. Motor oil also more
4 Common Reasons for Brake Failure, Concord, North Carolina
The brakes are some of the most critical safety features in your car. When they fail, you and everyone on the road around you are in danger. All drivers should work with their more
Why Get a Used Car Inspected Before Buying?, Concord, North Carolina
If you’re in the market for a vehicle, there are plenty of reasons to buy used instead of new. In addition to the affordable upfront cost, insurance rates are often lower for more
3 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid, Concord, North Carolina
If you want your vehicle to last as long as possible and avoid emergency trips to the auto repair shop, proper maintenance is essential. Many drivers may not know how to keep their more
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