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Why You Should Have Your Engine Air Filter Replaced, Landrum, South Carolina
When performing vehicle maintenance, people tend to focus on proper tire pressure, changing out old headlights, and getting the oil refreshed every few months. A lesser-known item on the checklist is the car air filter. more
Car Maintenance 101: How to Identify 4 Common Leaks , Landrum, South Carolina
You rely on your vehicle every day to get you where you need to be. In order to prevent issues and protect your investment, car maintenance is essential. Cars have many complex mechanisms, and it isn’t always easy to tell what might be more
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Landrum Lube, Oil Change Stations, Auto Repair, Landrum, South Carolina
1515 E Rutherford St
Landrum, SC 29356
For many residents of Landrum, SC, having a vehicle that runs in tiptop shape is crucial to everyday life. To ensure this is the case, maintenance needs to be done by expertly trained professionals. From an oil change to changing car air...
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The Importance of a New Filter With Every Oil Change, Landrum, South Carolina
Despite the name, an oil change isn’t just about swapping out the oil in your engine. There are other tasks that should be done as well, from topping off fluids to checking for more
The Dangers of Tire Pressure That's Too High or Too Low, Landrum, South Carolina
The right tire pressure is important for both maintaining the comfort of a smooth ride and for ensuring the vehicle is sufficiently safe and supported. But a delicate balance needs more
A Handy Guide to Choosing the Right Motor Oil for Your Vehicle, Landrum, South Carolina
There are several types of oil on the market that offer different benefits to your vehicle. Rather than be swayed by the touted advantages of each one, check with your owner’s more
3 Car Maintenance Actions You Should Take After Buying a Used Vehicle, Landrum, South Carolina
Used cars often represent a fantastic value, but there are a few extra steps to take when you buy pre-owned. Being proactive about the car maintenance early on will ensure your more
4 Tips for Keeping Track of Your Car Maintenance Schedule, Landrum, South Carolina
Getting regular car maintenance is essential in making sure your vehicle is running efficiently. In your busy life, though, it’s easy to forget when it’s time to make an more
What You Should Know About Getting an Oil Change, Landrum, South Carolina
If you own a car, one of the most basic and common maintenance tasks you’ll need to perform is an oil change. During this process, you take your car to a mechanic who completely more
3 Best Practices for Selecting the Right Oil for Your Car, Landrum, South Carolina
Most responsible drivers know to get an oil change on a regular schedule, but exactly what should you be pouring in? Part of being a diligent car owner is understanding more about more
A Guide to Seasonal Oil Changes, Landrum, South Carolina
Motor oil keeps your engine lubricated and prevents metal-to-metal friction. But over time, dirt and debris will contaminate the oil. Without routine oil changes, this can decrease more
How Does Low Tire Pressure Affect Your Car?, Landrum, South Carolina
Keeping your vehicle running smoothly on the road starts with ensuring the tire pressure remains at the recommended level. If the air pressure is too low, you might experience more
Your Guide to Motor Oil Recycling, Landrum, South Carolina
Being a responsible vehicle owner means keeping up with maintenance, including regular oil changes. Having a professional take care of this service keeps your engine more
What You Need to Know About Motor Oil Grades, Landrum, South Carolina
There’s no question an oil change is one of the most important car maintenance tasks. Motor oil offers lubrication for different parts of the engine and is designed to minimize more
The Importance of Regular Oil Changes, Landrum, South Carolina
Between your daily commute to work and long vacation road trips, your car will eventually wear down. Keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance will help ensure a long, healthy more
Landrum Car Maintenance Experts Explain How to Clean Up Oil Leaks, Landrum, South Carolina
Aside from regular car maintenance, your attention doesn’t focus on your car’s oil unless you experience it leaking on your cement or driveway. Though it can be a nuisance, it’ more
How to Read an Oil Pressure Gauge, Landrum, South Carolina
Motor oil is an essential component of any functioning vehicle. It provides lubrication to many of the different moving parts in your engine to eliminate friction and help more
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