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What Causes Flat Tires?, Wentzville, Missouri
Your tires tend to bear the brunt of whatever stress you put on your vehicle, as they're responsible for helping you maneuver winding roads, potholes, and severe weather conditions. Unfortunately, flat tires can happen at any more
4 Springtime Dangers on the Road, Wentzville, Missouri
While weather conditions do contribute to traffic accidents in the winter months, that’s not to say the risk of an accident disappears in the spring. Although keeping up with car maintenance will always improve your safety on the road, more
Moscow Mills, MO Auto Repair Businesses
H & S Tire & Auto Center , Auto Services, Tires, Auto Repair, Wentzville, Missouri
302 E Pearce Blvd.
Wentzville, MO 63385
Your car’s only as good as your auto repair specialist. With a combined 70 years of experience, the mechanics at H & S Tire & Auto Center have the experience and know-how to keep your car in top condition. They offer a full range...
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4 Signs a Car Needs Wheel Alignment, Wentzville, Missouri
A wheel alignment is a simple car maintenance task that ensures your tires are straight. While this may not seem essential, it can improve your vehicle's performance and help you more
3 Ways Winter Weather Affects Car Brakes, Wentzville, Missouri
Winter driving comes with its fair share of challenges, including icy roads, snowy sidewalks, and unexpected car maintenance. However, one car part that's particularly bound to feel more
How to Change a Tire in 4 Steps, Wentzville, Missouri
Most drivers will experience one or more flat tires in their lifetimes. However, this common occurrence doesn't need to be stressful. By following these steps, you can save yourself more
3 Parts a Mechanic Will Look at During an Auto Inspection, Wentzville, Missouri
When you drive, having a car that's in good condition can make all the difference for your safety and the safety of those around you. As a result, most states require annual auto more
3 Dangers of Underinflated Tires, Wentzville, Missouri
When getting ready for a road trip, travel preparedness is essential. You've checked the oil, filled up the tank, and gathered your favorite snacks, but what about checking your more
5 Sounds a Car Should Never Make, Wentzville, Missouri
As you drive your car each day, you become familiar with the sounds it makes. Eventually, you'll be able to easily distinguish normal vibrations from noises that indicate a need for more
3 Tips for Winterizing a Car, Wentzville, Missouri
It’s the season for cold temperatures and icy roads, which can cause significant issues for drivers. However, by prioritizing car maintenance and preparing in advance, you can more
Why You Have Tire Pressure Problems in the Winter, Wentzville, Missouri
Low tire pressure is a common problem for drivers in the winter. As the temperatures drop, so does your tire’s PSI (pound per square inch of pressure). Unfortunately, water, ice, more
3 Ways Hitting the Curb can Damage a Car, Wentzville, Missouri
It’s not unusual for a driver to hit a curb by accident. It can happen if you misjudge your proximity to the structure, if you’re rushing, or if you aren’t looking. Whatever the more
How Do Vehicle Brakes Work?, Wentzville, Missouri
Brakes are critical in controlling the movement of your car and preventing collisions. Over time, with continued wear and tear, your breaks can begin to experience issues with more
Guide to Blowouts & Driving on a Spare Tire, Wentzville, Missouri
A tire blowout is one of the most alarming mishaps, outside of a car accident, that you can experience on the road. Even once you have the spare tire on, it can feel like you’re more
4 Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle, Wentzville, Missouri
Preparing your vehicle for the treacherous winter weather is an essential part of proper car maintenance, and now is the perfect time to do it. Below are four more
Why You Should Avoid Mixing Tires, Wentzville, Missouri
In any vehicle, tires wear out the fastest of all parts because of their constant friction with the road. Frequent visual inspections, proper alignment, and regular rotations more
What Should You Know About Tire Tread?, Wentzville, Missouri
Tread gives your tires traction, which helps them grip the road and prevent skidding. Tread voids also assist with redirecting water on wet roads so that your vehicle more
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