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3 Ways to Increase the Longevity of Tires, Wentzville, Missouri
Although most tires are strong, they're not indestructible. For this reason, proper maintenance is necessary if you want them to last their entire lifespan and beyond. If you aren't familiar with the necessary steps, follow these tips. more
Top 4 Causes of Wheel Alignment Issues, Wentzville, Missouri
Improper wheel alignment can lead to uneven and excessive wear on your tires, rough driving, and poor handling. Learning what leads to misalignment will help you prevent it, so here are the most common causes to watch for. more
Troy, MO Auto Repair Businesses
H & S Tire & Auto Center, Auto Services, Tires, Auto Repair, Wentzville, Missouri
302 E Pearce Blvd.
Wentzville, MO 63385
(636) 327-5225
Your car’s only as good as your auto repair specialist. With a combined 70 years of experience, the mechanics at H & S Tire & Auto Center have the experience and know-how to keep your car in top condition. They offer a full range...
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3 Car Smells That Indicate the Need for Auto Repairs, Wentzville, Missouri
While most drivers know to watch for unusual performance issues or listen for strange sounds, unexpected odors coming from your car could also be signs of auto repair problems. more
3 Reasons Foreign Auto Repair Is a Specialized Field, Wentzville, Missouri
Foreign cars are often superior when it comes to performance, reliability, and safety. If you own one, you've experienced these benefits first hand. However, when it comes time for& more
4 Types of Tire Tread, Wentzville, Missouri
Every 25,000 to 50,000 miles, you must replace your tires to maintain safety, performance, efficiency, and traction. However, as you browse your options, it's easy to more
3 Ways Heat Can Affect Auto Tires, Wentzville, Missouri
Extreme weather negatively affects vehicles in many ways, including the tires. With some of the hottest days of the year still ahead, learn more about what these high temperatures more
A Guide to Urgent Auto Repairs, Wentzville, Missouri
When it comes to maintaining investments, proactive effort is key. In fact, it’s best to focus on your car’s maintenance checklist before they turn into auto repair needs. When the more
3 Crucial Signs You Need Brake Repairs, Wentzville, Missouri
As one of your vehicle’s most important safety components, you don’t want anything to go wrong with your brakes. Unfortunately, putting off brake repairs could result in brake more
4 Do's & Don'ts of Driving on a Spare Tire, Wentzville, Missouri
If you experience a blowout or a flat tire while driving, you must know how to change it or call for professional help. However, once you have your spare in place, that doesn't more
Patching a Tire in 4 Steps, Wentzville, Missouri
Even a tiny nail, screw, or piece of glass in the road can puncture a tire, causing a slow leak that can ruin your gas mileage and even increase your chances of an accident. While more
3 Essential Car Maintenance Tasks, Wentzville, Missouri
You must keep your car in good shape and pay attention to how it runs to ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers. Additionally, keeping up with some simple car more
4 Steps to Take If You Do Not Have a Spare Tire, Wentzville, Missouri
Getting a flat tire can be a frustrating experience. Many drivers are unsure of what to do if they are stopped on the side of the road and unable to make it to an auto repair& more
3 Reasons to Get an Auto Inspection, Wentzville, Missouri
Having your vehicle checked out by a trusted mechanic is a great way to make sure it's safe and reliable to drive. However, following the recommended maintenance schedule for your more
3 Common Reasons a Car's Check Engine Light Is On, Wentzville, Missouri
Modern car dashboards come with lights that indicate when a problem has occurred, but they don't give specifics. The check engine light is a standard dashboard signal that could more
What Causes Flat Tires?, Wentzville, Missouri
Your tires tend to bear the brunt of whatever stress you put on your vehicle, as they're responsible for helping you maneuver winding roads, potholes, and severe weather more
4 Springtime Dangers on the Road, Wentzville, Missouri
While weather conditions do contribute to traffic accidents in the winter months, that’s not to say the risk of an accident disappears in the spring. Although keeping up with car more
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