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How to Jump Start a Car, Lorain, Ohio
Whether it's due to a change in temperature or accidentally leaving your lights on, a dead battery is a common problem to deal with. Before contacting an auto mechanic, try jump-starting your vehicle. If you’re not quite sure more
3 Reasons Why Oil Changes Are Vital to Your Car’s Upkeep, Lorain, Ohio
Today’s vehicles should have an oil change every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Maintaining this schedule will help your car last for a long time and run well. If you’re not sure why that is, the list below will quickly highlight how this fluid more
Lorain, OH Auto Repair Businesses
A-1 Auto Service, Inc., Auto Maintenance, Brake Service & Repair, Auto Repair, Lorain, Ohio
100 W 36th St
Lorain, OH 44052
(440) 245-0076
Routine auto maintenance not only prolong’s the life span of your car, but it also ensures your safety and the safety of others on the road. When your car needs repairs or an annual inspection, head to A-1 Auto Service. With over 40...
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5 Questions to Ask Before Picking an Auto Mechanic, Lorain, Ohio
When choosing an auto mechanic, it isn’t enough to simply search online or do a quick drive-by to scan a shop. For car owners looking for an expert mechanic, you need to ask more
Why Should You Consider Snow Tires?, Lorain, Ohio
As winter approaches, prepping your car for colder conditions is essential—and one of the best ways to do this is by switching to snow tires. Also known as winter tires, this more
How Often to Change Your Car’s Spark Plugs, Lorain, Ohio
Your spark plugs are an essential part of your engine, as they ignite the gas in the cylinders with each engine stroke. Like any other car part, they wear out over time and more
Why You Might Need Brake Repair for Squealing Brakes, Lorain, Ohio
When you’re driving, you don’t want to hear an unusual noise, such as a grinding or a high-pitched squeal, coming from your vehicle. A squeaking or squealing sound is particularly more
How the Summer Heat Damages Your Car Battery, Lorain, Ohio
You keep a close eye on your battery during the winter since cold weather can zap its power. However, the heat can be just as detrimental to a battery as the cold. Below, the more
How to Prevent an Overheating Engine, Lorain, Ohio
Long driving hours may cause a car to overheat from time to time. While regular auto repairs can catch small issues and prevent your engine from working too hard, there are a more
3 Common Car Air Conditioning Problems to Watch For, Lorain, Ohio
Your car’s air conditioning system keeps you comfortable as you drive. When it fails to work properly, the summer’s heat can make your commute a little less desirable. The auto more
4 Auto Repair Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer, Lorain, Ohio
Now that warm weather is on the horizon, your vehicle can use a little spring cleaning treatment. Whether that means cleaning out your backseat or washing the salt off your rims, more
3 Clear Signs of Transmission Problems, Lorain, Ohio
Your vehicle’s transmission allows you to shift between park, drive, and reverse without having to think twice. However, there are certain signs that indicate your car is due more
3 Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage, Lorain, Ohio
Filling up on gasoline is a basic expense associated with owning a car. With prices at the pump rising so often, it’s understandable that drivers are eager to find ways to keep them more
Lorain Auto Mechanic Highlights 4 Items You Need in Your Winter Emergency Kit, Lorain, Ohio
Winter driving isn’t without its share of hazards, which is why your auto mechanic recommends that you keep an emergency kit in your car. But which items make the biggest difference more
4 Common Causes of Heater Breakdowns, Lorain, Ohio
Winters in Ohio are often frigid, which can make driving uncomfortable if the car heater breaks. According to the auto repair professionals at A-1 Auto Service in Lorain, there are more
3 Signs It’s Time for Car Repairs, Lorain, Ohio
Even the most well-made cars will eventually show some signs of age and damage. But as long as you can recognize the issues promptly, car repair professionals will have your more
3 Reasons to Schedule Routine Auto Maintenance, Lorain, Ohio
A vehicle purchase is a huge investment, which is why proper maintenance is key. While some people hold off on auto maintenance until emergency repairs are necessary, you don’t have more
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