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4 Signs It's Time for a Tire Rotation, Lincoln, Nebraska
As winter weather arrives, the treads on your tires become more vital than ever for gripping the road and keeping your vehicle from sliding. However, if they become unbalanced, they can cause as many problems as more
Top 4 Auto Repair Issues To Watch Out For This Winter, Lincoln, Nebraska
Auto repair issues are a concern all year, but the winter months bring their own unique hazards. Your car could run into a handful of mechanical problems that are more prevalent in colder weather, so it helps to be prepared more
Irvingdale, NE Auto Repair Businesses
Hillis 66, Inc., Auto Maintenance, Auto Body, Auto Repair, Lincoln, Nebraska
600 South Street
Lincoln, NE 68502
The best vehicle maintenance is typically provided by auto shops with years of experience, and Hillis 66 Service has been providing high-quality car care for over 40 years. The facility's mechanics have successfully tackled both big and ...
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4 Auto Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Car for Fall, Lincoln, Nebraska
Fall is already here, warranting car owners to look into some essential auto maintenance services to prepare their vehicles for winter driving. These solutions don't just ensure more
Do You Need New Tires? 4 Ways to Tell, Lincoln, Nebraska
Your vehicle’s efficiency, stability, and overall performance depend heavily on the condition of your tires. Air pressure and tread, for instance, assist with vehicle more
5 Maintenance Tips to Properly Care for Your Brakes, Lincoln, Nebraska
Your safety while driving depends largely on a functioning braking system, which allows you to slow down or stop to prevent accidents. Like any other part, it will wear out with more
How  to Understand the Speed Ratings on Tires, Lincoln, Nebraska
Your tires take you safely from point A to point B, but have you ever looked closely at them? If so, you might notice a letter and numbers on the side. The letter more
What Happens When You Skip an Oil Change?, Lincoln, Nebraska
A vehicle engine is composed of many moving parts that rub against one another and create heat. To prevent the car from overheating, motor oil keeps the parts lubricated and absorbs more
4 FAQ About Auto Repair Answered, Lincoln, Nebraska
Modern motorists have a lot to keep track of. As a result, it’s easy for preventive auto maintenance tasks to fall through the cracks. In Lincoln, NE, drivers are happy to get the more
Car AC Troubles? 4 Factors the Mechanic Will Look for, Lincoln, Nebraska
When out on the road on a hot summer day, a faulty air conditioning system in your vehicle is something no one wants to encounter. Consulting an auto mechanic will help you figure more
Auto Shop Explains Tire Balancing, Lincoln, Nebraska
Your wheels and tires keep your vehicle running smoothly, and it is easy to overlook maintenance unless you run into a flat tire. The condition of this aspect of your car, however,& more
What to Do When Your Vehicle Overheats, Lincoln, Nebraska
Being stranded on the side of the road with an overheated engine is never any fun, but auto maintenance issues are often unpredictable. Should your engine temperature begin more
Is It Time for an Auto Repair? 3 Signs of a Failing Transmission, Lincoln, Nebraska
A transmission is responsible for shifting gears and helping a vehicle accelerate. To keep the system running in optimal condition, you should stay vigilant about looking for more
4 Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Follow This Spring, Lincoln, Nebraska
Spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying up the house–it extends to your automobiles too. Don’t neglect seasonal vehicle maintenance as it provides an opportunity to more
Auto Maintenance Shop Shares How to Check Your Engine Oil, Lincoln, Nebraska
Engine oil is critical to your vehicle’s operation, which is why regular changes are essential to routine auto maintenance. Getting this service as often as recommended by your more
What to Do When Your Check Engine Light Goes On, Lincoln, Nebraska
Although no one wants to see it illuminate on their dashboard, the check engine light is a useful tool for alerting drivers to an internal problem with their vehicle. To get more
Why Wheel Alignments Are Important for Winter Auto Maintenance, Lincoln, Nebraska
When it comes to winter auto maintenance, most people think of replacing their wiper blades, getting an oil change, and ensuring their tires are properly inflated. Though these more
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