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4 Steps of the Expungement Process, Stony Creek, North Carolina
Expungement is a legal process through which a criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed from public view. Only certain crimes that meet specific statutory criteria are eligible for expungement in North Carolina. Here are the steps more
What's the Difference Between a Misdemeanor & a Felony Drug Charge?, Stony Creek, North Carolina
A drug charge is always a serious offense, but the legal system recognizes that some situations call for harsher penalties than others. Depending on the circumstances, the prosecutor may file misdemeanor charges or accuse more
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Moore Law Trial Lawyers, Defense Attorneys, Criminal Attorneys, Attorneys, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
3202 Sunset Ave, Ste A
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
(252) 443-2468
If you or a loved one is in need of a skilled criminal defense attorney, put your faith in the expertise and resources offered at Moore Law Trial Lawyers in Rocky Mount, NC. With more than 20 years of experience, Thomas Moore and his tal...
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What's the Difference Between a Traffic Infraction & Offense? , Stony Creek, North Carolina
If you commit an offense involving your motor vehicle, criminal law provisions determine how it’s handled. Depending on the type of charge, you might receive a traffic citation or more
3 Ways to Keep Traffic Tickets Off Your Record, Stony Creek, North Carolina
Most drivers will experience the occasional traffic ticket. Yet, issues begin to occur when they start to accumulate, such as rising costs of insurance. You could also lose your more
A Guide to License Restoration After a DWI, Stony Creek, North Carolina
A DWI conviction brings an array of serious penalties, not the least of which is a suspended driver’s license. Many drivers convicted of driving while intoxicated assume their road& more
4 FAQ About Expungement in North Carolina, Stony Creek, North Carolina
After you’re convicted of a crime, the item may remain on your record indefinitely. This may present challenges when applying for a job, leasing a home or apartment, or requesting more
4 Ways Traffic Tickets Can Impact Your Life, Stony Creek, North Carolina
Depending on the reason you were pulled over, traffic tickets may seem like a minor inconvenience. While pleading guilty and paying the fine may seem like the simplest solution, more
The Do's & Don'ts of Defending Yourself in Traffic Court, Stony Creek, North Carolina
Being convicted of a traffic violation can have serious consequences, including higher insurance costs and possibly even losing your driving privileges. While paying a traffic more
FAQ About Drug Charges, Stony Creek, North Carolina
When you’ve been arrested on drug charges, you must speak with an attorney immediately to determine your course of action. What you’re charged with depends on many factors and can more
3 Most Common Traffic Tickets, Stony Creek, North Carolina
In states such as North Carolina, drivers can easily pay fines for traffic violations through a web-based automated system. However, this convenience shouldn't encourage you to take more
What Can You Expect in Traffic Court?, Stony Creek, North Carolina
Although appearing in court for a traffic ticket may not lead to criminal charges, it should not be taken lightly. A conviction for a traffic offense can result in more
3 Tips to Help You Find the Right Criminal Defense Attorney, Stony Creek, North Carolina
Criminal law is a complex legal area, and convictions in criminal cases can result in substantial penalties, including lengthy jail times and exorbitant fines. For these reasons, it more
Why You Should Fight a Traffic Ticket, Stony Creek, North Carolina
If you get a traffic ticket, paying it may seem like the simplest way to resolve the situation. However, doing so essentially means you’re pleading guilty, so the offense will go on more
Frequently Asked Questions About Expungements, Stony Creek, North Carolina
If you or someone you care for ends up having a criminal record, it becomes more challenging to have access to resources that support your career or academic aspirations. more
What Are Your Rights If You Are Pulled Over?, Stony Creek, North Carolina
No matter what the situation, getting pulled over by a police officer can be an alarming and stressful situation. While many of these stops will result in a warning or a traffic more
FAQ About Criminal Record Expungement, Stony Creek, North Carolina
A criminal record can affect your ability to secure a job, find housing, become a U.S. citizen, and even vote. However, one solution to this problem is criminal record expungement, more
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