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A Guide to Attractive Nuisances , Elko, Nevada
State laws are clear that a property owner is legally responsible for maintaining a safe environment, which means they’re required to take reasonable measures to eliminate hazardous conditions that could cause harm. While this more
A Guide to Powers of Attorney, Elko, Nevada
A power of attorney (POA) grants someone the legal authority to act on your behalf. Because there are many scenarios in which you may need a third party to manage your affairs, there are several different kinds of POA arrangements. more
Elko, NV Attorneys Businesses
Attorney Tony Liker, Criminal Law, Defense Attorneys, Attorneys, Elko, Nevada
350 W. Silver St. , Ste. 300
Elko, NV 89801
(775) 738-1500
The legal system is complicated and intimidating, and many legal problems have serious, long-term consequences. When you need an experienced professional to represent you, turn to Attorney Tony Liker, a Las Vegas-based lawyer with an imp...
Goicoechea, DiGrazia, Coyle, & Stanton, Wills & Probate Law, Personal Injury Attorneys, Attorneys, Elko, Nevada
530 Idaho St
Elko, NV 89801
(775) 738-8091
Since 1976, the legal professionals at Goicoechea, DiGrazia, Coyle, & Stanton have been providing highly effective, affordable legal services to a diverse range of clients throughout northeast Nevada. Skilled in a wide range of pract...
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What You Should Know About Common Surgery Errors, Elko, Nevada
Surgery is a medical specialty that has the ability to save lives and ease chronic pain. However, because the doctors who perform these procedures are human, there’s a possibility more
Key Differences Between the Civil & Criminal Justice Systems, Elko, Nevada
While the criminal justice system and civil courts both exist to hold people accountable for their actions, there are some important distinctions every party involved should more
3 Defensive Driving Tips for Highway Driving, Elko, Nevada
Even if you are an experienced driver, traveling on highways alongside other fast-moving vehicles can be challenging. Unfortunately, vehicular accidents are not uncommon, and they more
5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Auto Accident Injuries, Elko, Nevada
No matter how cautious you try to be behind the wheel, another driver’s carelessness can easily cause an accident that simply can’t be avoided. While you may not be able to prevent more
Which Injuries Are Commonly Linked to Car Accidents?, Elko, Nevada
Car accidents are an extremely common source of personal injury. For example, in 2017, Nevada reported more than 22,000 injuries related to crashes. While the severity can vary, more
What Happens to Real Estate After Death?, Elko, Nevada
If you own real estate, it’s important to determine what will happen to it upon your passing. Failing to include provisions for distributing any real property in your estate more
4 Types of Prescription Drug Errors, Elko, Nevada
The severity of prescription drug errors by doctors, clinics, and pharmacies cannot be overstated. Errors can result in the wrongful death of one or more patients and subsequently more
4 Common Causes of Wrongful Death, Elko, Nevada
Losing a loved one is never easy, but it can be especially devastating when the death is totally unanticipated. Sadly, unintentional injuries remain a leading cause of more
 How Can Social Media Affect Your Personal Injury Case?, Elko, Nevada
If you want to tell your friends about your personal injury, posting about it on social media may not be a wise move. Experienced lawyers representing injured individuals know more
What's the Difference Between Criminal & Civil Wrongful Death Cases?, Elko, Nevada
Private attorneys and state prosecutors spend years learning the finer details of their fields, so it’s normal for average citizens to be confused about legal terminology. For more
FAQ About Establishing Liability in a Personal Injury Case, Elko, Nevada
If you’ve experienced an injury due to a car crash, medical malpractice, or any other accident caused by someone else’s negligence, establishing liability is the first step toward more
3 Common Myths About Personal Injury Cases, Elko, Nevada
Maybe your neighbor let their dog off its leash and it bit you, or perhaps you were in a car accident because another driver ran a red light. If another person’s negligence led to more
Elko Attorney Explains 5 Facts About Medical Malpractice, Elko, Nevada
If you think you have a case for a malpractice lawsuit, your first step should be to contact a medical malpractice attorney. But how can you tell if your case qualifies, or what the more
What to Expect When Filing a Civil Litigation Case for Defamation , Elko, Nevada
When an individual or organization knowingly publishes or verbally spreads false statements that result in actual harm, the law gives you the right to seek redress by filing a more
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