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What Makes a Strong Slip & Fall Case?, ,
A slip and fall is a common personal injury that occurs when someone has an accident and hurts themselves on another person’s property. While these incidents sometimes come down to personal carelessness or mistakes, there are many more
Understanding Negligent vs. Intentional Personal Injury Claims, ,
Personal injury claims are governed by tort law, which allows victims to seek compensation when they’ve suffered harm because of someone else’s careless or malicious behavior. Negligent and intentional torts are two distinct types more
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Goddard & Hammontree LLC, Personal Injury Attorneys, Medical Malpractice Law, Attorneys, Dalton, Georgia
2716 Cleveland Highway
Dalton, GA 30721
(706) 278-0464
Known throughout Georgia for their uncompromising commitment to their clients and their stellar legal services, the attorneys with Goddard & Hammontree LLC bring with them a mixture of expertise to help in almost any s...
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3 Adoption Methods to Explore, ,
If you are ready to become a parent, there are thousands of children in the United States in need of homes. By choosing adoption, you will provide a youngster with a permanent more
3 Reasons Social Security Disability Claims Are Rejected, ,
If a medical condition puts you out of commission for a year or longer, Social Security Disability benefits can help cover expenses until you’re back on your feet. As your more
How to Speak to an Insurance Adjuster During a Personal Injury Claim, ,
If you were hurt in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may seek compensation from the other motorists who were involved. Because Georgia is an at-fault state, those who more
3 Common Filing Mistakes for Workers’ Compensation Claims, ,
After being injured on the job, it can be challenging to bounce back. Luckily, filing a workers' compensation claim can help you receive benefits while you are unable to more
4 Types of Damages Commonly Included in Personal Injury Claims , ,
As the most common type of legal claim, personal injury lawsuits may cover a variety of cases. Most are filed due to car accidents, workplace accidents, medical more
4 Facts To Know About Medical Malpractice, ,
Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are expected to follow medical standards and conduct themselves in a professional manner. When they violate these care more
What Are the Differences Between Medical Negligence & Malpractice?, ,
Both medical malpractice and medical negligence deal with issues stemming from a health care provider who has violated care standards and breached their duty to treat patients more
Do's & Don'ts Following a Car Accident, ,
From the moment you’re involved in a car accident, you have to be wary of everything you say and do. In addition to following the basics, the statements you make can have an effect more
3 Common Causes of Winter Car Accidents, ,
Car accidents happen in every season, but winter elements make the roads even more dangerous to navigate. According to the Federal Highway Administration, adverse weather more
3 Tips for Enjoying the First Holiday With Your Adopted Child, ,
Finalizing an adoption before the holidays makes the season even more joyous and special. However, it can also be an intimidating time for parents and children as everyone learns more
3 Issues a Family Law Attorney Can Help You With, ,
The United States legal system covers a huge array of topics, from copyright to criminal law. Family law deals specifically with issues that might affect you and your loved more
4 FAQ About Social Security Law, ,
Started in 1935, the Social Security program’s initial goal was to provide financial support to eligible U.S. workers after they retired. Over time, it expanded to include programs more
4 Reasons Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Might Be Denied, ,
If you get injured on the job, receiving workers’ compensation helps you heal and lightens your financial burden. However, some workers are denied benefits for various reasons. more
Answering Common FAQ About Stepparent Adoptions, ,
Adoption formalizes the special bond between you and your stepchild, giving them a sense of security and providing you with more legal rights. While not as complex as adopting a more
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