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Answers to Common Questions About Cat & Dog Vaccinations, Round Lake, Wisconsin
August is National Immunization Awareness Month, providing the perfect opportunity to spread the word about the importance of immunization. Many people aren’t sure what shots their cat or dog needs, especially if they are more
5 Benefits of Walking Your Dog, Round Lake, Wisconsin
Your dog needs to head outside to use the bathroom and get rid of some of their pent-up energy. While letting them run around your yard is a convenient option that provides fresh air and exercise, going for a walk goes a step more
Sawyer, WI Animal Hospitals Businesses
Hayward Animal Hospital, Veterinary Services, Emergency Vets, Animal Hospitals, Hayward, Wisconsin
15226 W County Road B
Hayward, WI 54843
(715) 634-8971
Furry friends need excellent medical care, just like the rest of the family. Your pet deserves the sort of medical attention offered at Hayward Animal Hospital, where for over 30 years they have provided complete animal care in Sawyer Co...
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4 Ways to Help Your Cat Lose Weight, Round Lake, Wisconsin
When welcoming a pet into your home, it’s important to understand the different aspects of animal care, from what you are feeding them to daily exercise. Whether your cat is getting more
4 Steps to Prepare for a New Kitten, Round Lake, Wisconsin
Kittens are adorable animals, but if you intend to have one for a pet, you’ll need to prepare your home. They require plenty of love and animal care to live long, healthy more
Why Is It Important to Deworm Your Pets?, Round Lake, Wisconsin
Proper animal care is crucial for keeping your pets healthy and happy. Deworming is an essential part of pet care for cats and dogs. Unfortunately, it’s frequently overlooked until more
 A Dog Owner’s Guide to Blastomycosis, Round Lake, Wisconsin
Dog owners are gearing up to head outdoors with spring on the horizon, but it’s essential to understand the health issues your pet may face. Blastomycosis is a commonly overlooked more
5 Ice Safety Tips for Pets, Round Lake, Wisconsin
Winter walks through snow and over ice can be a fun activity for you and your pup. However, with warmer temperatures setting in, walking on frozen bodies of water becomes a more
5 Reasons to Have the Veterinarian Spay or Neuter Your Dog, Round Lake, Wisconsin
When you welcome a new dog into your home, their health and comfort is a top priority. Asking your veterinarian to spay or neuter them is an essential step in safeguarding their more
4 Tips When Caring for an Older Cat, Round Lake, Wisconsin
You want to give your cat the best life possible for all the joy it gives you. That’s why so many cat owners are so concerned about making their pet’s golden years as happy and more
Why Should I Care About My Pet's Oral Health?, Round Lake, Wisconsin
Some pet owners have never brought their beloved furry pals to animal dentists. This is because pet oral hygiene is a topic that many people are unfamiliar with. To help you more
3 Tips for Housetraining a Puppy, Round Lake, Wisconsin
After taking your new puppy to the animal hospital for a health checkup, you’ll want to housetrain them to prevent accidents in your home. Establishing a routine they can more
How to Tell if Your Dog Has a Bowel Obstruction, Round Lake, Wisconsin
Intestinal obstructions are common occurrences in dogs that like to chew on toys and other objects. They happen when your pet swallows small items or pieces of larger objects more
All You Need to Know About Overheating in Pets, Round Lake, Wisconsin
Summer may be coming to an end, but temperatures outside are still high. While you’re enjoying the sunshine and the heat, don’t forget to follow the veterinarian advice more
Why Your Pet Needs Routine Dental X-Rays, Round Lake, Wisconsin
When you visit the dentist for an annual checkup, you may have an X-ray of your mouth taken to help identify any unseen issues. When you visit a veterinarian, the same might be more
4 Symptoms of Rodenticide Poisoning in Pets, Round Lake, Wisconsin
Rat poison, or rodenticide, is an effective way to get rid of rodents. However, it can pose a lethal threat to pets if consumed. In the summer, veterinarians often see more
Top FAQ About Heartworms in Pets, Round Lake, Wisconsin
As a pet owner, you already know the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, and regular checkups with your veterinarian. One of the reasons scheduling vet appointments is more
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