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 How to Recognize & Treat a Dog’s Twisted Stomach, San Marcos, Texas
A twisted stomach is a painful and sometimes fatal condition that dogs may develop, and because they hide discomfort so well, it isn’t always easy to see warning signs. It’s imperative to recognize them so that you can seek treatment more
What to Do After a Dogfight, San Marcos, Texas
As a dog owner, you don’t want to think about the possibility of your dog getting hurt—or hurting another animal. However, whether they instigate or are just a victim in a dogfight, you’ll need to take fast action to ensure the more
Hays, TX Animal Hospitals Businesses
Animal Care Center of Hays County, Veterinary Services, Pet Care, Animal Hospitals, San Marcos, Texas
2206 Hunter Rd
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512) 754-6333
When it comes to pet care, working with the best animal clinic in your area can make all the difference. As a trusted veterinary hospital in San Marcos, TX, Animal Care Center of Hays County is committed to providing this high level of c...
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What Dog Owners Should Know About Leptospirosis, San Marcos, Texas
From rolling around in fields to swimming in lakes and ponds, dogs love to spend time playing outdoors. However, their enthusiasm and curiosity sometimes make it difficult for pet more
4 Holiday Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog, San Marcos, Texas
To celebrate the holidays, you may be planning to host get-togethers for family and friends. And, if you have a dog, you may be tempted to share some of the food served at these more
What Are the Signs of Kennel Cough?, San Marcos, Texas
Kennel cough is a painful, easily-contracted health condition that affects many dogs. However, because it can be slow to come on, you might not recognize something is amiss right more
3 Steps to Take After Walking Your Dog in the Woods, San Marcos, Texas
The mild fall and winter seasons are excellent times to walk in the woods with your dog. While they are sure to enjoy the fresh breeze and natural beauty as much as you are, they more
4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog's Nails Trimmed, San Marcos, Texas
Trimming your dog's nails can be stressful, but it’s an integral part of pet care maintenance. Before dogs were domesticated, their nails wore down naturally, but now they more
 Treatment & Prevention of Leptospirosis in Dogs, San Marcos, Texas
Many dog owners are starting to become familiar with the risk of Leptospirosis—a bacterial infection common among dogs. To provide insight into the treatment and prevention of more
5 Most Common Signs of Lyme Disease in Dogs, San Marcos, Texas
Lyme disease is a bacterial illness transferred through tick bites that is fairly common in dogs. Symptoms are standard to many diseases and will need a diagnosis, but more
Protect Your Dog With a Rattlesnake Vaccine, San Marcos, Texas
While spending time in the great outdoors can be fun for your dog, you may unknowingly expose your beloved pet to the deadly bite of a rattlesnake. In addition to being more
Heatstroke Symptoms in Dogs & Cats, San Marcos, Texas
Even in the late summer, temperatures are still soaring and it’s important for every member of your family to have access to air conditioning, shade, and plenty of water. This more
Animal Care Experts Reveal 5 Common Food Allergies in Dogs, San Marcos, Texas
Food allergies probably affect at least one person in your life. But if you’re a pet owner, your dog can have reactions to certain foods, too—just like humans. Symptoms can more
5 Health Checks Animal Clinics Conduct for Rescue Pets, San Marcos, Texas
Taking home a rescue pet is as exciting as it is fulfilling. But first and foremost, you’ll need to make sure your new friend is in good health. When you take your cat or dog into more
Animal Clinic Explains Pet Insurance, San Marcos, Texas
Because they’re often part of the family, your pet is likely very important to you. And when something goes wrong—whether they become ill or hurt an ankle—you should only be more
A Guide to Seasonal Allergies in Dogs, San Marcos, Texas
Many pet owners don’t know that their dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies just like they do. These allergies among our furry, four-legged friends are more common than more
Pet Care Professionals Share Key Facts About Hookworm, San Marcos, Texas
Hookworm is a common canine condition caused by parasites that affect the lunges and small intestines. Dogs often contract hookworms through ingestion, licking their fur, or by more
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