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Do's & Don’ts of Senior Dog Care, Middlefield, Ohio
With major advances in animal health care, many dogs can enjoy long, happy, and healthy lives with their families. But while veterinarians offer many impressive services, owners must still adjust their pet care as their four-legged more
When to See a Veterinarian About Your Pet’s Shedding, Middlefield, Ohio
As the warmer temperatures roll in, you may notice more of your pet’s fur appearing on your floors, clothing, and furniture. While this is typically a normal occurrence, there are some instances where this may require the care of a more
Middlefield, OH Animal Hospitals Businesses
Countryside Veterinary Service - Middlefield , Animal Hospitals, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Middlefield, Ohio
15075 S. Springdale Ave.
Middlefield, OH 44062
Your furry and feathered friends aren’t just pets; they’re family. At the Countryside Veterinary Service, you can rest assured knowing their health is in good hands. Serving all creatures big and small, this comprehensive, animal hospita...
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A Guide to Seasonal Allergies in Pets, Middlefield, Ohio
Did you know humans aren't the only ones who experience seasonal allergies? Dogs, cats, and other pets can also have allergic flareups when the seasons change. If you think more
3 Signs of a Sick Rabbit, Middlefield, Ohio
If you have rabbits, you know they have special health needs, and it’s important to recognize when they’re ill. Many symptoms are shared by multiple illnesses, and a veterinarian is more
3 Tips for Minimizing Fur Static in Winter, Middlefield, Ohio
Wintertime brings with it cold weather, dry air, and plenty of opportunities for static electricity buildup. This can be a great nuisance not only to people but to our pets as well. more
Do's & Don'ts of Introducing Pets to New People, Middlefield, Ohio
As territorial creatures, cats and dogs do not always like having new people come into their homes. Whether you are hosting family for the holidays or want to introduce your pets to more
A Veterinarian’s 5 Tips for Holiday Pet Safety, Middlefield, Ohio
The holidays are coming up, bringing with them decorations, festivities, and guests. The holidays include some hazards to pets’ health, so stay vigilant and take the following steps more
3 Tips for Introducing a New Pet to Your Home, Middlefield, Ohio
Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time, and while you’re showering them with love, you should remember that it will take time for everyone to adjust to this new environment. more
5 Tips for Your Pet’s First Trip to a Veterinarian, Middlefield, Ohio
The health care of your pet should not be left up to you alone. You need a trusted and qualified veterinarian for vaccinations, illness treatment, and worrisome symptom diagnoses. more
Veterinarian Explains the Do’s & Don’ts of Socializing Your Dog , Middlefield, Ohio
Proper socialization strategies will teach your dog how to act around other animals and people. All pet owners should know what to do and what to avoid when socializing more
How to Keep Your Dog Cool During Heat Waves, Middlefield, Ohio
With summer here, plenty of dog owners want to spend time outside with their pets. However, the heat can easily affect your canine, so you’ll need to take extra steps to keep them more
Why Are Pet Vaccinations So Important?, Middlefield, Ohio
Pet vaccinations are an essential aspect of keeping your animal healthy. By having your pet receive their routine shots, you can boost their immune system, allowing them to stay more
Common Behavior Changes to Expect in Your Senior Dog, Middlefield, Ohio
Just like people, dogs will change as they age. Shifts will occur in health and behavior, possibly requiring increased visits to your veterinarian. Knowing what to expect more
4 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy This Spring, Middlefield, Ohio
Spring is here at last, and no one is happier than your pet. Longer days and warmer weather mean more time spent outside, enjoying the sunshine and nature. But the change in seasons more
Is Spaying & Neutering Necessary for Your Pet?, Middlefield, Ohio
Homelessness is an epidemic in the pet community, which is the primary reason spaying and neutering are so important. However, these procedures offer additional health benefits to more
Veterinarian Explains the Importance of Wellness Care for Pets, Middlefield, Ohio
Most pet owners are quick to take their pets to the veterinarian when they’re sick, but not as many are familiar with wellness visits and the significance of them for an animal’ more
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