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How to Safely Dress Up Your Pet for Halloween, Shelby, Wisconsin
With Halloween approaching, you may want your pet to join the fun by dressing up in a costume of their own. Whether you’re trick-or-treating or passing out candy at home, it’s important that they feel safe and comfortable. When you find more
Can Dogs Catch the Flu?, Shelby, Wisconsin
With cold and flu season approaching, many dog owners may worry that their symptoms could spread to their pets. Luckily, dogs cannot catch the same type of flu that humans get. However, they can catch a different strain of the influenza more
Onalaska, WI Animal Hospitals Businesses
Thompson Animal Medical Center, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Animal Hospitals, La Crosse, Wisconsin
4540 Mormon Coulee Rd
La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 788-8820
There’s never a doubt that we love our pets. We bring them as much joy as they bring us, and we have a mutual bond with them that never wavers. But sometimes things get lost in translation, such as how they’re feeling or if they’re hurti...
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How to Train Your Ferret to Use a Litter Box, Shelby, Wisconsin
Small, friendly, and intelligent, ferrets make excellent companions. As an added bonus, they can be trained to use a litter box. If you’re wondering how to train your furry friend, more
How to Keep Your Pets Safe From Fleas & Ticks, Shelby, Wisconsin
Dealing with fleas and ticks biting their fur can be an itchy nuisance for your pet, and, in some cases, transmit potentially serious diseases. For these reasons, it's more
3 Heartworm Disease Preventives Every Dog Owner Should Consider, Shelby, Wisconsin
Heartworm disease is a parasitic infection that’s commonly transferred from mosquitos to dogs. Because of how serious it is, the American Heartworm Society recommends canines more
How to Create a Healthy Environment for a Pet Iguana, Shelby, Wisconsin
From their allergy-friendly characteristics to their calm disposition, iguanas are fascinating creatures that many enjoy having as pets. But these exotic reptiles have very unique more
4 FAQ About Spaying or Neutering Your Dog, Shelby, Wisconsin
Spay and neuter services do more than control the pet population. Whether you recently adopted a puppy or an older pooch, one of the most important things you can do as a pet parent more
 A Pet Owner’s Guide to Dog Vaccinations, Shelby, Wisconsin
Vaccinations protect your dog’s health. Many are recommended soon after they’re born, and some will need to be renewed every few years going forward as well. If you’re a more
What to Do If Your Dog Gets Into Your Valentine's Chocolate Stash, Shelby, Wisconsin
Most dog owners know that their furry friends shouldn't have chocolate. However, if your dog gets into your Valentine’s Day chocolates, you’ll need to take prompt action. more
What To Do if Your Dog Has a Hematoma, Shelby, Wisconsin
Does your dog scratch their ears and shake their head a lot? If so, they may have a hematoma. The best course of action is to make an appointment with their veterinarian to get it more
What to Know About Cats & Carriers, Shelby, Wisconsin
Whether you need to take your cat to the veterinarian, to a pet boarding facility, or to a new home, you’ll need to get them into their carrier first. Cats are notoriously difficult more
3 Thanksgiving Dishes to Keep Away From Pets, Shelby, Wisconsin
This Thanksgiving, you may be hosting a feast to celebrate all the blessings in your life. However, your dog or cat could be at risk if they eat some of the foods on your dining more
The Do’s & Don’ts for Pet Halloween Costumes, Shelby, Wisconsin
Pets can enjoy Halloween just as much as humans unless their costumes prompt veterinarian visits. One way to ensure that the evening is fun for everyone is to know more
A Guide to Dogs & Leaf Allergies, Shelby, Wisconsin
For many families, playing in piles of leaves while cleaning up the yard is one of the joys of the fall. Unfortunately, when your dog joins in the fun, you might find out that your more
Veterinarian Inspired Tips for Cat Body Language, Shelby, Wisconsin
As a loving cat-owner, you want your kitty to be healthy and happy. While you can’t talk to your pet to determine their well-being, you can read their body language. Knowing how to more
Do Cats Really Hate Water? , Shelby, Wisconsin
Your cat may seem to have a natural aversion to water. However, your cat’s water dislike may be a simple matter of habit and training. Learn  how you can train them to like it more
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