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3 Reptiles That Make Good Pets, Lincoln, Nebraska
Interested in having a reptile as a pet? Exotic animal care is often more involved than owning a cat or dog—especially because you will need to find a veterinarian skilled in caring for these animals. And yet, despite the more
What to Do About Your Cat’s Hairballs, Lincoln, Nebraska
Hairballs are formed when cats groom themselves. Their tongues have hook-like features that trap loose hair much like a hairbrush. In the process, they end up swallowing much of the hair, which ends up in their digestive tract. more
Lincoln, NE Animal Hospitals Businesses
A-4 Animal Hospital, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Animal Hospitals, Lincoln, Nebraska
2780 South St.
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 475-2282
When searching for a veterinarian for your pet, you want someone who is compassionate and dedicated to their job. A-4 Animal Hospital serves pet owners in the Lincoln, NE, area with their expertise in birds, exotic animals, cats, and dog...
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3 Winter Pet Care Tips for Dog Owners, Lincoln, Nebraska
Some dogs love prancing around in the cold and snow, while others prefer to be left inside where it’s warm. No matter what type of pup you have, provide an extra level of care more
Your Guide to Doggy Dental Care, Lincoln, Nebraska
When you take your dog to the veterinarian, they often administer vaccines, check your dog’s heart rate and weight, and inspect their teeth. While the last might not seem that more
A Dog Owner's Guide to Oral Papilloma Virus, Lincoln, Nebraska
Most canines love to give kisses. However, if you notice they have bad breath or bumps around their mouth, take them to a veterinarian to determine if they have a more
5 Reasons to Arrange a House Call With Your Veterinarian, Lincoln, Nebraska
Part of being a responsible pet owner is making sure your furry, feathered, or scaly family member is seen by a veterinarian regularly. However, not all animals take well more
Do’s & Don’ts for Caring for Your Dog After Surgery, Lincoln, Nebraska
Surgery can be stressful for both dogs and their owners. When your pet has a major medical procedure, you want to provide them all the help they need—but how? In addition to more
3 Reasons to Clip Your Dog's Nails Regularly, Lincoln, Nebraska
Many pet owners are reluctant to clip their dog’s nails because they are afraid of hurting their beloved pooch. While very active dogs or dogs that walk several miles a week might more
What to Expect When You Take Your Bird to the Veterinarian, Lincoln, Nebraska
Birds are wonderful and intelligent pets. If you are interested in getting one, though, you might need to research its needs more than if it were a dog or cat. One of your first more
The Do’s & Don’ts of Keeping Outdoor Cats Healthy, Lincoln, Nebraska
Most cats are content with lazing around the house, but others prefer to spend their days outside. If your companion is an outdoor cat, veterinarians warn that there are more
What to Know About Respiratory Problems in Dogs, Lincoln, Nebraska
When picking out a dog to bring into the family, you may have researched sizes, energy levels, and temperaments. However, a canine’s breed can also determine their chances of more
What Kind of Flea Medicine Should I Give My Dogs?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Flea medicine can both combat existing infestations and prevent future issues. As such, most owners recognize the value of giving it to their dogs. However, with multiple more
If Your Dog Is Doing This, Playtime Is Getting Too Rough, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you’re a dog parent, you’ve likely seen your fur baby get a little too rambunctious when playing. They jump on guests or get “mouthy” with kids. They bare more
4 Kid-Friendly Starter Pets, Lincoln, Nebraska
They’ve begged and begged but you remained skeptical about getting your child a pet dog or cat. You know who is likely to be the one cleaning up after accidents, feeding, and more
4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe on July 4th, Lincoln, Nebraska
The Fourth of July offers relatives and friends a fun reason to get together—however, your furry family members might not be as thrilled. Between the scary booms of the fireworks more
4 Tips for Road-Tripping With Your Pet, Lincoln, Nebraska
Summer is almost here. The season of sunshine, shorts, and some well-deserved R&R. However, if you are planning a trip that involves bringing your furry family member along, it more
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